About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Healthcopia.in

Healthcopia is a blog about health, fitness, nutritional facts, beauty tips, mental health, disease reviews and their prevention (if possible).

Sharing knowledge about health and well-being is a priority for us.

Healthcopia makes strong efforts to write content about well-being and strictly maintain the accuracy of all the information.

The content about any topic and any information published on this website is genuine, reading friendly, up-to-date and obviously unique.

Healthcopia never compromises the quality of the content and its uniqueness.

Our Priorities

Providing something valuable to society is our priority. We think the most valuable thing in the world is knowledge.

So, we share knowledge about health and try to add value to our society.

As we all know, health is wealth. Staying healthy is essential in the modern world where various unknown diseases (such as Corona), metabolic diseases, environmental pollution and of course irregular lifestyle are injuring our health in different ways.

In this condition, health education will play an important role to be aware of. Healthcopia takes the initiative to spread health education.

Incomplete information is dangerous as well as wrong information. If it is health-related then it can be fatal.

Healthcopia provides accurate, complete and unique information.

An irregular lifestyle and unhealthy diet in today’s daily life bring breakdown in health. Only a better lifestyle and a nutritious diet can prevent it.

Healthcopia shares nutritious diet tips for your better health.

Feedback from the reader is one of the important priorities for us. Anyone can give their valuable feedback in the comments box of each article or can contact us through the contact form, email, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. (Links are given below).

Other points of view

If we want to build a healthy society, we have to be healthy first and that is both physically and mentally.

In addition to sharing health education, some more steps need to be taken. So,

Healthcopia supports volunteer blood donation, posthumous eye donation and any type of social activity.

Healthcopia supports “Save water, Save Earth”, “Go Green: Tree plantation”, “Carbon Reduction”, “Don’t waste food”, and “Right to Education” campaigns.

Healthcopia follows zero tolerance for child labour, any type of physical and mental harassment, dowry and female foeticides.

Healthcopia supports Women's empowerment to build a strong society.

Healthcopia is strongly opposed to alcoholism, smoking and other addictions.

Our pledges

i. “Stay At Home, Save Lives” pledge under Government of India


ii. Pledge for “#FightAgainstCorona” under Government of India


iii. “Integrity” pledge under Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)


iv. Pledge for “Women Rights” under National Commission for Women, India


v. Pledge for “Anti-Dowry” under Government of India


Stay connected to Healthcopia; Stay healthy, Be wealthy.

Social Connections

For any comments and feedback:

Email: contact@healthcopia.in

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