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Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss



Are you suffering from being overweight? Are you searching for healthy breakfast foods for weight loss? Do you know the benefits of regular breakfast? Why breakfast should not be skipped?

Ok! Ok! Don’t be confused.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss
breakfast foods for weight loss

Healthcopia will help you to know all these answers associated with your breakfast and weight loss.

Breakfast is the most important part of our daily diet. Our body does not consume any foods after the previous dinner.

Breakfast means to break the fast, refuels the glycogen stored in the body, and kick starts metabolism.

It also provides energy and maintains our activities throughout the day.

So, it is very important to start your day with healthy as well as heavy breakfast foods which prevent the mid-morning starvation.



Benefits Of Regular Breakfast


When you wake up in the morning, you have just endured a whole night of no nourishment.

Regular breakfast is necessary for a healthy individual or those who have a weight loss goal.

The most vital benefits of regular breakfast are:

1. It improves the energy level of our body after a whole night without any nutrition.

2. Breakfast provides nutrients and keeps active us throughout the day.

3. Breakfast increases the metabolism of the body and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

4. It reduces the tendency to consume fast food, prevents weight gain, improves concentration as well as enhances mood.



Why Should Never Skip Breakfast?


Do not think that skipping breakfast is the way to achieve your weight loss goal.

Some harmful physio-psychological effects are lined with skipping breakfast. It can cause various metabolic illnesses, such as obesity, diabetes, indigestion, etc.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss
breakfast foods

The harmful effects of skipping breakfast are:

1. You will be hungry, and get tired fast. It reduces your productivity in the workplace.

2. The hunger that arises from skipping breakfast will force you to grab unhealthy foods, and promotes weight gain.

3. When you skip breakfast, body metabolism is going down, and increases the risk of various metabolic disorders, like high blood sugar, obesity, etc.

4. Skipping breakfast may lower your mood, and increase stress levels.



Healthy Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss


The nutritional value of your breakfast is very important.

If you start your day with high sugary foods, you will only spike your blood sugar. This high blood glucose will drop suddenly, and leave you hungrier than ever before.

Even at lunchtime, greasy fatty foods are just as bad you are putting all of the wrong ingredients into your body.

The easiest way to naturally, and gradually lose weight over a sustained period is to manage your breakfast properly.

Your breakfast should be full of low calories, high fiber, proteins, and healthy fats.

Some specific breakfast foods have proven effective in a weight loss diet.


1. Poached Eggs

Eggs are the popular weight loss breakfast food in the modern world. But their nutritional value depends upon the way you prepare.

Deep-fried eggs are not a healthy breakfast option, but poached eggs are the way forward.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss
poached eggs

Poached egg contains protein, healthy fat, vitamin, and is very low in calories.

Studies have found that poached eggs have a high thermogenic effect which boosts metabolic activity and reduce excess body fat.

Protein-rich egg increases feelings of fullness, which means you will be more satisfied until lunchtime.

Boil eggs can be another good option for your weight loss breakfast.


2. Bananas

We are all aware that adding fruits to the breakfast is a great way to start the day.

Bananas are the best example of breakfast food for losing weight.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

According to the study, bananas are rich in resistant starch which slows down the digestion process, suppresses hunger, and controls overeating.

On the other hand, the dietary fiber pectin of this fruit fills the satiety, increases metabolism, and leads to a more efficient fat burn.

Additionally, pectin also acts as a prebiotic and promotes gut-friendly bacteria, which improve digestion.

So, when you are focused to reduce body fat, you could try cutting one into small pieces or adding them to a smoothie.

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3. Greek Yogurt

Due to its thick creamy texture, it is easy to see why Greek yogurt is a favorite breakfast food for so many people.

It contains protein, calcium, iodine, potassium, and many more nutrients which are linked to losing weight.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss
Greek yogurt 

Studies have found that Greek yogurt has relatively low calories, and it can help you feel fuller for longer.

The decent amount of protein in this probiotic food boosts metabolism and acts as a weight loss aid.

Among the various breakfast foods for weight loss, the Greek yogurt is a great option that reduces hunger and prevents overeating.


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4. Berries

Another fruit that should be present on your weight loss diet is berries.

If you are a fan of sweet breakfast, ditch the refined sugar on the cereal, and go for berries.

Research shows that berries, such as blueberries, and raspberries play a vital role in weight loss.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

They are packed full of fiber which our body takes longer to break down. So, it slows down the emptying of the stomach, and keep us fuller for longer.

Another study found that raspberries boost metabolism, and speed up the breakdown of body fats.

Additionally, the antioxidants of berries also provide several health benefits which makes them an important option for weight loss breakfast.

But always try to consume fresh berries instead of fruit juice, or processed one.


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5. Green Tea

Green tea is a popular beverage on your weight loss breakfast list.

It is rich in antioxidants, such as flavonoids, and other phytochemicals.

A lot of studies show a direct link between taking green tea and weight reduction.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss
green tea

It speeds up the metabolic rate of our body by 5-10% and reduces body fats.

The animal study suggests that active compounds of green tea promote noradrenaline, which is a fat-burning hormone and boosts the breakdown of excess body fats.

So, to get the best weight loss result, add lemon juice or honey, but no added sugars.


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6. Coffee

Same as green tea, coffee is another beverage that you can add to your weight loss breakfast.

Coffee stimulates the central nervous system, and it is very effective to get rid of drowsiness after getting out of bed.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

It increases the metabolism of the body by up to 12% instantly and is highly effective to lose weight.

The phytochemicals and antioxidants of this beverage also provide other health benefits.

But cannot consume gallons of it, excess amount of coffee consumption cause insomnia. The healthy serving of coffee is 1-2 cups in a day.


7. Chia Seeds

As a weight-loss food, chia is very popular in the fitness world.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss
chia seeds

You might be yet to have any experience with chia seeds, but they provide massive health benefits.

They are incredibly high in dietary fiber, which means they make us fuller for longer, reduce hunger, and promote weight loss.

Sprinkle chia on top of your sweet, or savory breakfast to help stop you from reaching for that mid-morning junk snack.


8. Oatmeal

It is a very popular breakfast food for weight loss.

Oats are not only a delicious way to start your morning, they provide surprising health benefits.

Adding oat to your diet can promote a reduced calorie intake to keep you feeling full for longer.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

Oats are very high in fiber content, and also promote gut health.

If you are not a fan of the traditional porridge, there are plenty of ways to make your oat dish more interesting.

Add berries, and Greek yogurt with oat, or blend it into your morning smoothie.


9. Peanut Butter

We already know protein, and dietary fiber-rich breakfast foods are very effective for weight loss.

However, healthy fat-rich foods are not negligible, they are also in the race.

Studies have found that eating foods that contain healthy fats, such as MUFA, PUFA can reduce hunger, and lead to weight loss.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss
peanut butter

Here is the importance of peanut butter, it is a rich source of PUFAs as well as MUFAs.

During the weight loss journey, peanut butter preserves muscle mass and also raises the good cholesterol (HDL) levels in the body.

But, the peanut butter you buy is really important to avoid the cheaper quality when it comes to your weight loss goal.

Because, cheaper one tends to be loaded with extra salt, or sugar. Natural as well as organic peanut butter is the best option.


10. Salmon

As seafood, salmon is the best option in your weight loss breakfast.

It provides all the nutrients you need to satisfy your hunger.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

Salmon is packed with protein and omega 3 fatty acids which have been found in several studies to promote weight loss.

It is best to use wild salmon in your breakfast dishes which has a healthier ratio of omega 3, and omega 6 fats.



Now, The Conclusion


A healthy and proper breakfast is necessary to start the day.

Low calories, high protein, and fiber-rich healthy breakfast foods can make it easier to manage your morning curb cravings as well as helps you to move towards your weight loss goals.

On the other hand, taking unhealthy, wrong foods can enhance your food cravings and result in excess body fat gain.

So, forget pizza, doughnuts, any other junk foods, and start your day with these healthy foods.

Your first sip of green tea or coffee boosts the metabolism of the body.

Poached eggs provide essential protein, vitamins as well as berries, bananas supply you with more nutrients.

Additionally, fiber content of oatmeal and chia make you fuller.

Never skip your breakfast. Research suggests that regular breakfast eaters are leaner, and can achieve their weight loss goals more successfully.



Thank You.

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