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What Are The Benefits of Quitting Smoking!

What Are The Benefits of Quitting Smoking!





Do you want to quit smoking? What happens to your body when you quit smoking? Do you know the benefits of quitting smoking?  What is withdrawal syndrome?

Ok, ok! Don’t be puzzled. Today we will discuss the various health benefits as well as advantages if we quit smoking.


Benefits of Quitting Smoking
quitting smoking benefits

Well! According to the WHO, more than 8 million people die each year due to tobacco consumption.

More than 7 million of those death caused by the direct use of tobacco and almost 1.2 million are non-smokers, but they died from direct exposure to passive smoke.

It is estimated that around 98-100 million people died prematurely from smoking. Smoking is responsible for almost 15% of global deaths. Tobacco kills half of its users.

In the case of passive smoking, about 1 million people in India died every year.

So, smoking kills. Almost 2 lakhs of them died from smokeless tobacco consumption.

Various tobacco harmful effects are present here. It can damage almost all the body parts and gradually leads us toward death.

From the brain to the heart, lungs to the pancreas, cancer to a vision problem, fertility to the skin, it is dangerous to all parts of the body.

It causes more deaths each year than tuberculosis, HIV and malaria combined.

Smoking is not only a public health threat but an economic threat also.

The WHO suggested that 80% of the 1.3 billion tobacco consumers are belonging from low to middle-income countries.

Before this World No Tobacco Day, we will talk about the several health benefits of quitting smoking.

Let’s break the addiction, and increase wellness.



Benefits of Quitting Smoking


Smoking creates various dangerous harmful effects on our health.

It promotes the risk of various life-threatening diseases, such as COPD, heart problems, cancer, etc.

However, quitting smoking is not so easy. Only 4-7% of addicted people are estimated to be able to quit successfully without any medical help.

Various benefits of quitting smoking are present, and the benefits are really impressive. Some of the benefits are immediately noticeable and some are long-lasting.


1. Lungs After Quitting Smoking

The remarkable benefits of quitting smoking are improving lung health. The lungs will start to self-heal just after one hour from the last smoking.

After quitting smoking, the cilia present in the inner lining of the bronchial tubes start to regrow and quickly regain normal functions.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Lung Health After Quit Smoking

48 hours after your last smoke, the body starts clearing out mucus, and harmful particles that get into the lung from smoking.

So, the bronchial tubes will also start to relax, and making breathing a little easier.

Up to one hour without having a smoke, carbon monoxide level in the blood getting neutralize and improves oxygen level.

Within 3 months, the functionality of the lungs will increase by up to 30%.

After 9 months, the lungs get back their energy and reduce the breathing problems such as shortness of breath, cough, and sinus problems.

Another common benefit of quitting smoking is easily preventing emphysema, but if the disease already occurs, then there is no cure.


2. Improvement in Cardiac Health

After 20 minutes from put down the last cigarette, the pulse rate, and blood pressure getting normal.

Within 24 hours, the risk of heart attack declines.

Quitting smoking does not reduce the atherosclerotic plaque which is already deposited, but lowers the further plaque formation in the artery.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Quit smoking & Heart Health

On the other hand, quitting smoking also reduces the stickiness of platelets and lowers the risk of blood clotting.

After one year of your last cigarette, the risk of cardiac issues will be 2 times lower than that of a regular smoker.

The blood circulation in the body improves after 2 weeks to 3 months from the last smoke, and it easier to walk longer without losing breath.


3. Prevents Cancers

Preventing cancer is a vital benefit to quitting smoking.

It prevents the damage of the DNA, can even help to repair the DNA, and protect from a dangerous gene mutation.

After few years of last smoking reduces the risk of various cancer, such as lung, pancreatic, oesophageal, mouth cancer, etc.


4. Effects on The Brain

The effects of quitting smoking in the brain are mixed with some good, and bad effects.

The bad effects are known as the withdrawal effect, but it is temporary. However, the positive effects are long-lasting and improve our overall brain health.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Quit Smoking & Brain Health

Quitting smoking rewires the nerve fibers and breaks the cycle of addiction. It repairs the broken nerve endings, and the sense of smell comes back.


5. Improves Fertility

As we all know, smoking can cause infertility in men and women. Among all the benefits of quitting smoking, improving fertility is one of them.

After quitting, erectile dysfunction in men, and sexual dysfunction in women may decrease.

In the case of women, the estrogen hormone levels will gradually return to normal.

It also lowers the complications of pregnancy and promotes a healthy pregnancy. During pregnancy, it reduces the chance of delivering a premature baby.


Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Top 6 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

6. Recovers Oral Hygiene

Smoking destroys oral hygiene and promotes various oral problems, such as bleeding gum, losing teeth, yellow teeth, and bad breath.

Quitting smoking can improve oral hygiene and gum health.


So, many health benefits are present when we quit smoking as well as other forms of tobacco consumption.



Withdrawal Effects of Quitting Smoking


Quitting smoking has many health benefits, but some unpleasant conditions can affect a smoker who willing to quit smoking.

These conditions are known as withdrawal effects. However, the withdrawal effects are temporary.

So, tolerating these unpleasant effects while quitting smoking is crucial for a healthy life.

The withdrawal effects can be:

i) Headache and nausea, sometimes vomiting.

ii) Anxiety, frustration, mood swim, and getting angry quickly.

iii) Insomnia and depression can also occur.

iv) Loss of concentration in the work.

v) Hands and feet tremble.

vii) Dry mouth, cough, and sore throat.

viii) Increased appetite, promotes weight gain and constipation.

All the effects are temporary, and anyone can handle it with a willingness to quit smoking with a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle, and spending time with family, friends, or a close one.



Timeline of Quitting Smoking


The benefits of quitting smoking are instant as well as long-term.  The health benefit timeline for quitting smoking is:


i. 20 minutes after last smoking

The heart rate, and blood pressure getting normal.


ii. After 12 hours

Carbon monoxide level in the blood drops and increases oxygen level.


Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Break Addiction

iii. After 48 hours of quitting smoking

Cilia functioning normally and starts clearing out mucus from the respiratory tract.

The broken nerve endings start to regrow and the sense of smell comes back.


iv. From 2 weeks to 3 months

Blood circulation, blood pressure, and heart rate are improved more, and easier to walk longer without losing breath.

The functionality of the lungs will increase by up to 30%.


v. After 9 months

The lungs get back their energy and reduce the breathing problems such as shortness of breath, cough, and sinus problems.


vi. After 1 year

The risk of cardiac issues will be 2 times lower than that of a regular smoker.


vii. within 5-10 years

The overall health will be much better than before. The chances of dying from COPD, lung cancer, and other respiratory problems will be reduced as a non-smoker.


viii. After 10 years of quitting smoking

The person who quit smoke for the last 15 years will get back a healthy, beautiful, and long life.

The heart and lung health will be the same as a person who is never smoked in life.



Now, The Conclusion


Now, we have reached the end of today’s discussion about the benefits of quitting smoking.

Smoking is just a harmful habit; it can never be a part of our lives.

Without smoking our lives can become healthier and more beautiful.

Lots of benefits are present when a person quits smoking, such as lower cancer risk, healthy heart, improved oral health, and many more.

So, try to quit smoke for your better health. Say no tobacco.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking
No Smoking

Every year 31 May, The WHO runs a campaign against smoking, and the consumption of other forms of tobacco. This campaign is known as World No Tobacco Day.

This campaign creates awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco and promotes the benefits of quitting smoking.

The consumption of any form of tobacco is harmful to our health, as well as our environment.

So, on this No Tobacco Day, come and take the pledge to quit smoking for our health, family, and also our environment.


Thank You.

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Stay Healthy, Be Wealthy.






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