Top 14 Benefits of Pomegranate Will Surprise You

Top 14 Benefits of Pomegranate Will Surprise You





Do you know the health benefits of pomegranate? Is it nutritious for us? How much healthy it is? There is a lot of question in our mind.

Yes! Today we will discuss all of these and many more.

Benefits of Pomegranate
Pomegranate Health Benefits

Pomegranate is a popular fruit in India, the Middle East, and other various countries in Asia for a long time. But the extraordinary health benefits have made it popular all over the world.

With acidic sweetness in the taste, the seed pods, and arils of the pomegranate can be eaten raw or made into juice. The pomegranate seeds can be added to smoothies, yogurt, or any other desserts.

This fruit grows in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Belonging to the Lythraceae family, the scientific name of pomegranate is Punica granatum.

The seed oil also rich in medicinal properties which use in cosmetic products.

There are so many fruits present to maintain better health, pomegranate is the most popular among them due to its massive medicinal qualities.

From the heart to the skin, blood pressure to cancer, diabetes to anemia, several pomegranate benefits is well documented. So, regular consumption of this fruit juice or raw, too healthy for us.



Nutritional value of Pomegranate


Pomegranate nutritional value is so popular in the fitness world. It is rich in various phytonutrients, and medicinal qualities.

The nutritional profile of this fruit is very impressive. Per 100 gm of pomegranate arils rich in almost 18.70 gm of carbs, 1.67 gm protein, and 1.17 gm of fat.

Benefits of Pomegranate
Pomegranate Nutritional value

It is an important source of dietary fibers. Every 100 gm of pomegranate arils contain 4 gm of fiber as well as 13.66 gm sugar content.

Several types of minerals, such as potassium (236 mg), magnesium (12 mg), phosphorus (36 mg), iron, zinc, calcium, and sodium are present in it.

The calories in pomegranate are very low in amount. 100 gm of fruit arils contain only 83 kcal.

On the other hand, 1 cup of arils provides 30% of the daily requirement of vitamin-C, 36% vitamin-K, 16% folate, and 12% potassium.



Health Benefits of Pomegranate


It is one of the healthiest fruits in the world. Due to the many incredible benefits of pomegranate, it can be known as a divine fruit.

Let’s talk about these incredible health benefits.


i. Rich Source of Antioxidants

Pomegranate is a significant source of polyphenolic compounds which exert antioxidant properties. The pomegranate benefits largely depend on all these antioxidants.

The common antioxidants are vitamin C and E. But there is a unique phytochemical present in the pomegranate, Punicalagins which is an extremely potent antioxidant.

These phytochemicals are present in the seeds and peels of this fruit.

Another unique phytochemical in the pomegranate seed oil or arils is Punicic acid, a conjugated linoleic acid. It has potent biological effects.

The antioxidant activities of pomegranate are three times more than green tea and red wine.

So, incorporate this fruit into your daily diet for your better health.


ii. Promotes Weight Loss

Weight management is a significant health benefit of pomegranate.

Benefits of Pomegranate
Pomegranate for Weight Loss

According to health experts, conjugated linolenic acid, polyphenols, and antioxidants of pomegranate boost the body’s metabolism as well as help to burn excess body fat.

On the other hand, dietary fiber and vital nutrients dense juice filling the satiety and suppresses appetite.

So, low-calories pomegranate juice is a healthy substitute instead of sugary, and fizzy drinks during weight management.


iii. Reduces Blood Pressure

The benefits of pomegranate juice are quite impressive. The consumption of a single cup of pomegranate juice daily for 4 weeks can lower your blood pressure significantly.

A study concluded that if any patient drank five ounces (150 ml) of juice every day for a couple of weeks they would start seeing significant improvements in blood pressure.

Generally, punicic acid is responsible for the reduction.

The polyphenolic compounds of pomegranate help to make nitric oxide (NO) which maintains the proper blood flow, dilates arteries, and maintains blood pressure.

On the other hand, high potassium and low sodium of pomegranate juice are important for people suffering from hypertension.


iv. Fights Against Heart Diseases

To prevent and fight against heart diseases are the most important benefits of pomegranate. Pomegranate juice can be a powerful, and healthy beverage for those who suffer from heart problems.

The antioxidants of fruit juice act as a blood thinner. It reduces triglyceride levels in the blood.

Benefits of Pomegranate
Pomegranate and Healthy Heart

Vitamin C as well as polyphenolic compounds also prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol (LDL) and improve good cholesterol levels (HDL). Pomegranate maintains a healthy triglyceride-HDL ratio.

Pomegranate also improves the elasticity of the blood vessels and maintains proper blood flow.

This fruit exerts anti-atherogenic effects. It can break already formed plaque and prevents atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.

The health benefits of pomegranate are not limited to its juice only.

The conjugated fat, punicic acid present in the seed oil of pomegranate which has massive heart-friendly activity and protects from several cardiac issues.


v. Fights Against Cancer

Another pomegranate benefit is the prevention of cancer. Its cancer prevention activity will be at the top of the list.

The antioxidants of pomegranate, such as punicalagin, vitamin-C, and other polyphenolic compounds fight against free radicals, prevent oxidative damages and lower the carcinogenic effects in the body.

The anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory effects also reduce the growth of various cancer cells, like prostate, breast, lung, and skin cancer. Several studies have shown that it helps to block and treat breast cancer.

On the other hand, pomegranate has massive effects on prostate cancer.

Research shows that drinking 8 ounces (almost 237 ml) of pomegranate juice every day, reduces the doubling time of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and slows down the progression of prostate cancer.

So, if you want to get the benefits of pomegranate juice to prevent cancer, you have to take it regularly.


vi. Effects on Diabetes

In India and the Middle East, pomegranate traditionally used as a remedy for diabetes. However, more research is needed to know its real effects on diabetes.

Benefits of Pomegranate
Pomegranate Lowers Blood Sugar

According to health experts, the fiber content of pomegranate reduces the sugar absorption in the body.

On the other hand, the antioxidants may lower insulin resistance and decreases the blood sugar level.

To get real health benefits, try to consume fresh juice without adding refined sugar. Pomegranate juice is a healthy alternative to fizzy, sugary packaged beverages.


vii. Prevents Anemia

Preventing anemia is another important pomegranate health benefit. It helps prevent iron deficiency in the body.

It is rich in vitamin C, K, folate, protein, iron, and other vital nutrients.

Study shows that only 3% of the consumed iron can be absorbed by our body. The vitamin C of pomegranate help to absorb more iron from the diet.

On the other hand, vitamin C along with consumed iron, regulates the iron metabolism and boosts the number of red blood cells (RBC) as well as hemoglobin, and prevents anemia.

This fruit also acts as a natural oxygen mask to the body. It increases RBC count, also promotes oxygen levels in the blood, and helping us to get a much-needed breath of the air.


viii. Improves Joint Health

Improve joint health and reduce arthritis are the vital benefits of pomegranate.

It acts as an anti-inflammatory food. The polyphenols block inflammation and prevent arthritis as well as reduces the damages done to the cartilage.

Benefits of Pomegranate
Pomegranate Lowers Joint Pain

It also fights against the harmful enzymes responsible for arthritis and lowers the risk of osteoarthritis.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranate extract reduce tension in the joints, block the pain-generating enzymes and relieves joint pain of rheumatoid arthritis patients by 62%.

So, drink pomegranate juice regularly and get relief from joint issues.


ix. Improves Memory Power

There is some evidence about the health benefits of pomegranate to improve memory power.

But it does not mean that a cup of pomegranate juice will automatically help you remember where you left your phone or wallet. We are talking about the bigger perspective here.

The antioxidants of pomegranate fight against free radical damages and protect from neurodegenerative issues.

A study shows that like prostate cancer, regular consumption of 8 ounces (almost 237 ml) juice significantly improved visual as well as verbal memory.

Another research had identified 21 compounds located within fruit extract that can assist in the battle against Alzheimer’s, and protect our memory.

These 21 compounds include polyphenols that are able to cross the brain-blood barrier which is crucial to Alzheimer’s prevention.


x. Anti-aging Effects

This bright red fruit is one of the healthiest for our skin. The anti-aging effect is a popular pomegranate health benefit.

The antioxidants and polyphenols of pomegranate juice protect our skin from free radical damage and reduce the signs of aging.

Benefits of Pomegranate
Pomegranate Prevents Skin Damage

Research shows that pomegranate protects our skin from harmful UV rays as well as repairs damaged skin cells. On the other hand, vitamin C increases the production of natural collagen in the body.

It can also improve the condition of people who are suffering from skin cancer.

So, if you are trying to keep your skin soft, smooth, and younger, keep in mind the benefits of pomegranate and put it in your regular diet.


xi. Helps in Better Digestion

When we talk about the pomegranate health benefits, we have to discuss its benefit in better digestion.

The fiber content of this fruit acts as a prebiotic, supports gut-friendly bacteria and maintains gut flora.

Dietary fiber also acts as a laxative and reduces constipation.

On the other hand, the antioxidants of pomegranate exert anti-inflammatory effects in the gut, reduces inflammation, and promote proper digestion.

The vitamin B-complex of this fruit help to convert protein, carbs, and fat into energy during digestion.

Pomegranate juice too beneficial to those people who have Crohn’s disease, colitis, and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).


xii. Sexual Performance & Fertility

Pomegranate is very helpful in men and women both to enhance sexual performance as well as fertility.

In the case of men, it reduces erectile dysfunction and also increases testosterone levels which hormone behind the sex drive.

Pomegranate also increases blood flow to the genital region, and power up the sex life in men and women both.

According to the study, oxidative stress is another cause of sperm dysfunction. The antioxidants of pomegranate juice prevent this.

In the case of women, regular consumption of pomegranate juice is important who are trying to become pregnant.

It increases the blood flow in the uterus, thickens the inner lining of the uterus wall, and lowers the chance of miscarriage.

Benefits of Pomegranate
Health Benefits of Pomegranate 

On the other hand, it helps to reduce oxidative damages in the placenta and maintains the health of fetuses in pregnant mothers.

So, keep in mind the benefits of pomegranate toward fertility, and sexual drive.


xiii. Increases Overall Performance

Some of the benefits of pomegranate are increasing overall performance, boosts athletic activities and promotes workout time.

The nutrients in pomegranate juice provide energy, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins as well as increases the oxygen level in the blood, resulting in better performance.

The antioxidants of this fruit reduce oxidative damage during exercise and improve strength. The dietary nitrates of pomegranate also improve exercise performance.

Research has found one gram of pomegranate extract may enhance blood flow in the muscles and reduces the chance of fatigue.

It also reduces joint pain due to the anti-inflammatory property.

An athlete who likes to stay in shape and active with intense exercise is all the reason to drink pomegranate juice.

So, if you want to get all the benefits of pomegranate to enhance overall performance, consume it regularly. 


xiv. Improves Oral Health

Another reason pomegranate is great for our health, it improves oral health and maintains hygiene.

Benefits of Pomegranate
Pomegranate Maintains Oral Hygiene

It protects against dental plaque formation and the polyphenolic flavonoids kill bacteria in the mouth.

It can be a better option as a mouthwash instead of alcohol-containing mouthwashes due to its strong antiplaque effects. 

Pomegranate can lower the risk of various dental problems, such as gingivitis, rotting teeth, denture stomatitis, etc.



Side Effects of Over-consumption


We have discussed the several health benefits of pomegranate. However, in the case of over-consuming, some warnings still present.

i. Some people may be allergic to pomegranate seeds. In that case, it should be consumed according to the advice of the physician.

ii. On the other hand, high potassium of pomegranate can create minor to major health issues for those people who suffer from renal dysfunction in case of overconsumption.

iii. Overconsumption of pomegranate can cause heartburn, vomiting, and indigestion.

iv. Due to the calories and sugar content, excess juice may promote weight gain.

v. Fresh juice should be dinking at all times instead of packaged or processed juice. Processed juice contains refined sugar and harmful chemicals such as preservatives, coloring agents, flavors, etc.



Now, The Conclusion


We have reached the end of our discussion. Now we all know that the various health benefits of pomegranate, its nutritional value, and side effects due to overconsumption.

Health is wealth and it is very important to enrich our daily diet with healthy foods, fruits, and drinks instead of empty calories, fast food, and other weight-promoting foods.

Pomegranates are one of the healthiest fruits on the earth, packed with strong antioxidants, nutrients, and powerful phytochemicals.

Pomegranate in the diet may reduce the risk of some inflammatory and chronic health issues.

Not only the whole fruit or juice but the health benefits of pomegranate peel will also surprise you. The peel helps to detoxify the body as well as fights acne, pimples, and rashes.

Pomegranate peels are really ideal for the skin, they act as a moisturizer and natural sunscreen. They protect our skin from harmful UV rays.

The seed oil of pomegranate also exerts several health benefits. The high amount of punicic acids of seed oil provides many biological benefits, such as anti-inflammation, anticancer, anti-apoptotic effect, etc.

So, try to incorporate this fruit into your regular diet to get a healthy body and a sharp memory. 


Thank You.

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