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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Top 14 Benefits of Berries That You Need to Know

Top 14 Benefits of Berries That You Need to Know





Do you know, berries are the healthiest foods that you can eat!

The various health benefits of berries are too important that you need to know.

Benefits of Berries
Health Benefits of Berries

Berries come in all shapes and sizes; the smallest are blueberries and the biggest, as well as spikiest, is pineapple. They are delicious in taste, nutritious in nature, and regarded as a treasure of nutrition.

From the heart to the brain, weight loss to prevent diseases, the benefits are widely distributed.

We know the various types are berries available in the grocery, such as Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, goji berry, blackberry, grapes, and more.

So, let’s increase wellness.



Nutritional Value of Berries


Before going to the benefits of berries, it is important to know the nutritional facts of this fruit.

It is mentioned before that berries are extremely nutritious in nature. In addition, they are low calorie and high antioxidant-rich fruits with various vitamins and minerals.

Benefits of Berries
Nutritional Value of Berries

They are also rich in high fiber content.

Strawberry is the most vitamin-C rich fruit with several other health benefits. 150 gm (1 cup) of strawberry provides almost 150% Vit-C of the daily requirement.

On the other hand, they provide vitamin-K, folate, manganese, copper, etc. Vitamin-K, which assists the body with blood clotting as well as bone metabolism.

Berries provide an excellent source of manganese, which can improve the health of your brain, bones, and nervous system.

Regular snacking on berries, you’ll not only be on the road to weight loss, but you will probably be feeling healthier too!

The typical serving size of berries is 1 cup (or almost 125-150 gm) per day.



Several Health Benefits of Berries


There are many reasons why experts should consider eating berries every day. Really, they are a treasure of nutrients with vital health benefits.

One very important vitamin for our health that all berries contain is vitamin-C, which helps your body’s immune system, and prevents diseases such as scurvy and, more.

Let’s discuss them:


1. Berries Are Low in Calories

Among all the health benefits of berries, the most important one is they are low calorie-containing food.

The average adult needs certain amounts of calories per day in order to properly function. For women, the requirement is about 2000 calories and for men, the average number is 2500 per day.

In the case of weight loss, it is actually recommended to cut at least 500 calories per day. So, around 1500 for women, and 2000 for men is the proper calorie consumption by daily diet.

By consuming mentioned amounts of calories daily, you can expect to lose about 450 gm (almost 1 pound) of excess body weight per week.

In the case of eating berries, the calories are varying from type to type, which means, one cup of blueberries is about 84 calories, blackberries are about 62 calories and a single cup of strawberries can contain as little as 49 calories.

With such a low-calorie count, you can eat more berries at once, while still controlling your daily calorie intake.


2. Significant Source of Antioxidants

Another benefit of berries is their antioxidant content.

Most types of berries come fully loaded, not just with a wealth of vitamins and minerals, but also with plenty of antioxidants as well. They are the most antioxidant-rich foods.

Benefits of Berries
Berries are vital sources of antioxidants

They contain a massive number of antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and resveratrol.

All of these antioxidants are helpful to your body, as they can prevent cell damage by keeping the free radicals within your body at reasonable levels.

Among the many varieties of berries, a study has shown that blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries have some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants out of all commonly eaten fruits after pomegranates.

In addition, as well as reducing oxidative stress, and preventing cell damage, the antioxidants found in berries can also help to prevent inflammation in the body, and reduces many diseases.

According to a study, consuming 500 gm of strawberry regularly for 30 days decreases 38% of the pro-oxidant marker.

So, keep in mind the health benefits of berries and include them in your regular diet.


3. Rich in High Fiber Content

Like many plant-based foods, all kinds of berries are also an excellent source of dietary fiber, which improves digestion and may even help lessen the risk of certain diseases.

Benefits of Berries
Berries Provide Decent Amounts of Fiber  

More specifically, berries provide a significant amount of soluble fiber. Strawberries are an excellent source of pectin.

Soluble fiber is characterized by the fact that it dissolves in water, and according to studies, the consumption of foods containing soluble fiber can slow down the movement of food through your digestive system.

Berries are the foods with dietary fiber, which fills the satiety, suppresses the hunger which reduces overeating or consuming those foods containing empty calories, and finally promotes weight loss.

The fiber content per 100 gm berries are:

i. Strawberry – 2 gm

ii. Blueberry – 2.4 gm

iii. Raspberry – 6.5 gm

iv. Blackberry – 5.3 gm, etc.


4. Berries Help to Manage Diabetes

To maintain healthy blood glucose levels and improve diabetes is an important benefit of berries.

They are sweet in taste but does not increase diabetes. So, berries can be the best dessert for a diabetic patient.

The fact that berries are so high in fiber means that they are also low in simple carbs. Due to the presence of high fiber content and low calories, these fruits are too effective for diabetes and they used as a serving of fruit in the diabetic diet.

Studies have indicated that berries may also be useful when it comes to improving your body’s blood sugar levels as well as improving insulin sensitivity and insulin response.

In a study, a group of healthy women consumed 5 ounces (14 gm) of strawberries or mixed berries, or about 150 gm, along with bread every day. The result found that the inclusion of berries helps reduce insulin levels by as much as 26% compared to the bread alone.

According to another study, fatty individuals who were suffering from insulin resistance were started to consume a blueberry smoothie twice per day.

As a result, the individuals who consumed the smoothies experienced greater improvements to their overall insulin sensitivity than those who did not.

All the studies concluded that those who suffer from insulin resistance can consume berries as an option to improve their insulin sensitivity and reduce the negative effects of their condition. So, berries play some vital roles to prevent diabetes.

The next time you decide to search your kitchen for something to snack on, you may want to consider putting away the chips, cookies, etc. junk food, and instead reach for a cup of fresh berries.


5. Berries in Weight Loss

When we think about a weight management diet, without berries, it can never be complete.

Among all the health benefits of berries, the weight loss effect is the most important of them.

Benefits of Berries
Berries Promote Weight Loss

The fiber content of berries fills the satiety and the lower calorie content limits your calorie consumption results in weight loss as well as maintains proper body weight.

A healthy serving of berries will leave you feeling fuller and satisfied than an equally-sized serving of other foods.

In addition, they are also low in carbs. According to the study, diets that focus on reducing carbs can be up to 2-3 times more effective to lose weight than diets focused on reducing fat.

Study shows that natural antioxidants enhance aerobic metabolism during exercise in humans and increase energy expenditure, which impacts weight loss.

All the nutrients of berries may boost metabolism in the body. So, they are the popular weight loss foods.


6. Berries Reduce Inflammation

 When we discuss the various health benefits of berries, it is too important to know about their anti-inflammatory effects.

Inflammation is your body’s natural way of fighting off injuries, and infections. But when it exceeds normal levels, it brings various major health issues, such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, and more.

Modern diets and lifestyles can often lead to excessive, and chronic inflammation. Thankfully, the studies have shown that the antioxidants of berries are able to help lower and prevent the chances of chronic inflammation.

In a study, a group of people consumed a strawberry drink along with a meal that was high in fat and carbs, and the result was that the inflammatory markers in their body was much lower than those who did not add the strawberries to their meal.

The strawberries, as well as others, maybe an ideal snack for those hoping to reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases.

So, keep in mind the benefits of berries to reduce inflammation in the body.


7. Berries Lower Blood Pressure

According to physicians and dieticians, several benefits of berries are present to reduce and maintain proper blood pressure.

Although it is not clinically proved that berries can fight high blood pressure.

However, the anti-inflammatory effects, higher content of fiber and antioxidants, health experts recommend keeping berries in your diet to reduce blood pressure.

So, berries in your regular diet can reduce the risk of heart and brain stroke due to high BP.


8. Berries Lower Blood Cholesterol Levels

It is believed that the soluble fiber found in berries may also help your body by reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and keeping your heart healthy. Pectin can reduce cholesterol by up to 10%.

In addition, berries such as strawberries and black raspberries have also been shown to help lower and reduce cholesterol in individuals struggling with obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Benefits of Berries
Berries improve heart health

On the other hand, the antioxidant nature of berries prevents the oxidizing damage of LDL, which is a major risk factor for heart diseases.

In 8 weeks and controlled study in obese people show that regular consumption of 50 gm (1.5 ounces) of freeze-dried blueberries brings a 28% reduction in their oxidized LDL levels.

Berries can prevent cholesterol deposition as well as atherosclerosis potentially.

So, keeps in mind the benefits of berries to lower bad cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart.


9. Berries Improve Heart Health

Undoubtedly, berries are heart-friendly fruits. They help to prevent various heart diseases.

Lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, and preventing blood clotting are the vital benefits of berries to maintain a healthy heart.

Excessive inflammation is a major issue to bring heart diseases. In addition, the anti-inflammatory effects of berries reduce the inflammation and keep the heart safe.

According to a controlled study in 44 people with metabolic disorders, those consuming blueberry smoothies regularly showed a significant improvement in arterial health.

They keep arteries free from fat deposition as well as inflammation and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, and stroke.

On the other hand, if you suffer from hypertension, high blood cholesterol, and want to prevent heart attack, then incorporate berries into your regular diet.

10. Berries Protect Against Cancer

There are several benefits of berries present to fight against cancer.

It is also believed that the antioxidants in berries can help to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer; specifically, cancer of the esophagus, mouth, breast, and colon.

The anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and resveratrol found in berries reduce markers that are associated with the formation and growth of cancerous tumors in both humans as well as animals.

A 9 weeks study in 20 people with colon cancer shows that regular consumption of 50-60 gm of freeze-dried raspberry improved tumor markers in some cases, not in all.


Benefits of Berries
Overall benefits of berries

11. Berries Prevent Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is an age-related neurodegenerative disease and there are various health benefits of berries present to prevent it.

Inflammation and oxidative damage in the brain cell contributes to developing Alzheimer’s associated with cognitive decline.

According to the American Chemical Society, the antioxidants of berries can prevent oxidative damages in the brain as well as can prevent inflammation.

The antioxidants of berries also help to clean up the damaging toxins in the brain.


12. Berries Can Prevent Parkinson’s

Same as Alzheimer’s, another neurodegenerative disease is Parkinson’s.

The benefits of berries are too effective to prevent it. People who consume berries regularly (at least 2 servings in a week) have a 25% less chance of Parkinson’s disease.

According to the study, the significant amounts of berries reduce the risk of it by 40%.


13. Berries Are Good for Skin

Berries are good for your skin with an anti-aging effect.

The antioxidants of berries help to reduce free radicals, control inflammation in the skin, both are leading causes of aging and skin damage.

According to a few kinds of researches, the ellagic acid of berries generally responsible for the skin-related benefits of berries.

Benefits of Berries
Berries are good for skin

On the other hand, massive amounts of vitamin-C promote collagen production in the skin and provide structural supports, reduce signs of aging as well as wrinkles.


14. Berries Prevent UTI

The benefits of berries are widely distributed throughout the body. The urinary tract is a part of it.

Generally, cranberry is closely associated with urinary tract health and prevents urinary tract infections (UTI). Blueberry also helpful in that case.

Juice, as well as whole berries, are recommended to eat in UTI prevention.



Now, The Conclusion


Berries are delicious in taste, healthy in nature, and popular in the fitness world. Due to the amazing health benefits of berries, organic berries are available worldwide and their demand is increasing day by day.

It can use to a make snack or dessert or both. They are naturally sweet fruits and does not increase the blood sugar level. But fresh and organic berries should be preferred.

Juice or other forms of processed berries are harmful to our health due to the presence of refined sugar.

Due to the various benefits of berries, they can easily fit into all types of diet. Low-carbs contain berries that may a part of the ketogenic diet, paleo diet, Mediterranean diet as well as a vegan, and vegetarian diet.

Benefits of Berries
Yogurt & Berry

They can be healthy stuff of your diet salad. People who are on a weight loss diet, can add blueberries as a dessert in their yogurt and may enjoy the diet snack.

Individuals who are allergic to berries as well as those who suffer from a certain digestive disorder and require a low fiber-rich diet, need to avoid berries.

Allergic reactions are more common to strawberries.



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