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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Benefits of Swimming That Will Surprise You

Benefits of Swimming That Will Surprise You




Do you love spending your holidays in the swimming pool? Do you love swimming? What about its health benefits?

Whether you like it or not, but once you know the health benefits of swimming, you will definitely like it.

Benefits of Swimming
Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is the most popular outdoor activity in Australia. It is not only a fun or sports activity. It provides various health benefits.

Same as bicycling, swimming is also a cardio exercise. There are plenty of workouts you can try, but none are more satisfying than swimming.

From calorie burn and weight loss to strengthening muscles, improved lung functions, reduced early death, make you happier to improved sleep, swimming provides more.

Don’t think it is only summer fun, there are several benefits of swimming which will surprise you. So, when the temperature rises, you can jump into a pool with your bathing suit.

Today we will discuss how it can make you healthier physically as well as mentally!

Let’s increase our fitness.



Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is a low impact but highly effective exercise with many health and mental benefits. It is a very popular way to relax, feel better as well as stay fit.

Let's talk about the benefits of swimming, how many calories can it burn? can it improve your quality of sleep? does swimming help your asthma?

We're talking all that and more.


i. Swimming for Weight Loss

The important benefit of swimming is to burn calories and promotes weight loss. It is a great way to cut off the extra pounds with fun and happiness.

But, keep in mind that the amounts of calories you burn, it depends on several factors, such as your body weight, age, gender and intensity of swimming activity.

Generally, high-intensity aerobic exercise for one minute is equal to two minutes of moderate-intensity exercise and swimming is the most popular aerobic exercise.

Benefits of Swimming
Swimming for weight loss

On the other hand, men can burn up to 15 more calories than women during their workout.

Body metabolism also crucial in the calorie-burning process, the higher your metabolism allows you to drop more calories easier. Although, your body weight is very important while swimming. The more weight on your body, the more calories you burn.

If you are around 160 pounds, you have the chance to burn 423 calories after one hour of laps in the pool with moderate intensity. The same person can burn up to 710 calories with high intensity. 

The weight loss benefit of swimming helps us in various ways. Swimming boosts our metabolism and promotes fat burn. On the other hand, it increases muscle mass that also reduces body weight.

One-hour swimming burns calories almost as running with a low impact on joint health.

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ii. Improves Cardiovascular Strength

Another vital benefit of swimming is strengthening the cardiovascular system.

The cardio exercises are involved with heart health and a better circulatory system. Swimming is one of them.

According to experts, swimming lowers blood pressure and helps to control hypertension.

Some experts also believe that this cardio exercise can maintain a healthy blood sugar level, which is too important to the vascular system.

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iii. Improves Function of Lungs

Among the several benefits of swimming, increasing lung capacity is one of the important. So, if you suffering from asthma, prepare to breathe a little easier with swimming.

It allows your lung capacity to flourish. Seriously, professional swimmers can hold their breath for a long.

Benefits of Swimming
Swimming expand lung capacity

During swimming, putting the head underwater and holding your breath expands lung capacity. Wider lung capacity means stronger lungs. It improves the breathing trouble in a normal individual also.

Additionally, a higher lung capacity has been linked to a reduced chance of cardiovascular disease, which promotes oxygen availability in the blood.

Although, enhancing lung function is a vital benefit of swimming in asthma, but keep in mind, if you are looking to swim in order to treat your asthma you may want to do it in a natural water body.

Some studies have shown that chemicals in swimming pools may actually cause your lungs to have a reaction.


iv. Whole Body Workout

During swimming, a variety of body muscles are under stress, which causes a whole-body workout.

The muscles are shoulders, forearms, upper back, glutes, core Abs, deltoids, and hamstrings. Even 30 minutes of swimming can serve as an intense full-body workout.

Training in a swimming pool can increase the health of your heart, help sculpt your muscles and build strength. this is especially beneficial for older people who are looking for a workout.

swimming is referred to as a low-impact workout. This is a physical activity that is less straining on your body than our usual workout.

Due to the moderate level of resistance, your body has to put up with strength training in water is much easier.

So, keep in the benefit of swimming and do it regularly.

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v. Helps to Manage Injuries

Another vital health benefit of swimming is helping to manage physical injuries. It is the best way of rehabilitation.

As we know, swimming is a low-impact, full-body exercise with a smooth healing process. During swimming, water will strengthen your muscles and ligaments.

Benefits of Swimming
Swimming manages injuries

The body surrounded by water gives you a great support system and improves body posture also. An improved posture reduces the risk of various injuries.

Especially for back injuries, swimming has some specific benefits. If your back has been hurt, try working backstrokes in the water as it is much more comfortable for you to move around.

The water puts very little pressure on your joints and muscles. So, those who suffer from arthritis experience less physical pain when swimming.

For people with multiple sclerosis (MS), swimming provides them great benefits.

According to a study, 20 weeks of swimming training significantly reduces pain in MS sufferers. would be happy to learn that the buoyancy your limbs experience while in the water make their exercises much easier.

In the case of paraplegia, a physical disability can limit your workout options. Here swimming is an ideal option due to providing support and resistance by water.

So, keep in mind the various benefits of swimming and put it in your daily workout routine.


vi. Makes You Happier

Not only physical, but the benefits of swimming will also make you mentally happy. Once you step into a pool, it's like an automatic mode booster.

Swimming reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety. According to the study, it had been effective on 1.4 million adults in Great Britain.

Benefits of Swimming
Mental benefits of swimming 

The mood-boosting effect of swimming arises from endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters produced by the central nervous system and act as a feel-good hormone.

During swimming, the calm and relaxing feeling of being underwater releases these compounds and reduces any stress you may have felt before you stepped into the pool.

Researchers evaluated that a 12 weeks aquatic workout program effectively improves mood.

In 2015, a study of over 100 people was surveyed before going swimming. 44 of them reported symptoms of depression and overall stress. After getting out of the pool only eight out of them claimed to still feel depression and stress.

It is also beneficial for those suffering from dementia. In 2014, another study concluded that elderly dementia patients who took part in the aquatic program showed an improvement in their mood by the end.

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vii. Induces Better Sleep

An important benefit of swimming is improving sleep duration as well as quality.

According to a study over insomniac and older people experience improvement in their sleep cycle after regular swimming.

Another recent study has shown that the stress generates from other regular exercises, actually hurts your ability to sleep easier. But driving into your local pool can improve your quality of sleep significantly.

As per the study, one in four Americans develops insomnia each year. This means that 25% of the country's population can't sleep properly.

Researchers conclude that for anyone suffering from a sleep disorder, swimming can boost their ability to snooze. Unlike regular exercise, where the high-stress impact can greatly affect your body, water makes you healthy.

When swimming, you are stretching your muscles, burning calories and relaxing your mind all at once. This is what your body wants in order to fall asleep.


viii. Reduces Risk of An Early Death

Among the various benefits of swimming, this benefit can be catchier to you.

Swimming provides overall positive health impact, such as reduces blood pressure, improves the cardiovascular system, promotes weight loss, improves lung capacity.

All of these impacts combine to reduces the risk of premature death or early death. By comparison, regular swimmers are half as likely to die as non-swimmer.

In 2016, a study showed that 8 weeks of swim training is significantly effective on your blood pressure, the blood supply in the body and stiffness of blood vessels. People suffering from hypertension would greatly benefit from a trip to the swimming pool.

Pools are wonderful places to feel physical as well as mental relief.


ix. Safe During Pregnancy

Another benefit of swimming is its safe during pregnancy, unlike other traditional workouts.

Not only it is safe, but a recommended form of exercise in pregnancy by health experts. It is safe because the water supports body posture and weight.

Benefits of Swimming
Swimming during pregnancy

An animal study over pregnant rats showed that swimming can alter the brain functions of offspring. It may protect the fetus from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (a neurological problem in the fetus).

Another study suggests that the chlorinated water of the swimming pool is quite safe for pregnant mother and the fetus.

On the other hand, in early to middle pregnancy, regular swimming can reduce premature birth and other congenital issues.

However, swimming is generally for pregnant women, but overactivity in the swimming pool is prohibited, which can lead to complications.

Before starting swimming or any other exercise in pregnancy, consult your doctor.


x. Stay Connected to Nature

Do you know, spending time with nature can boost your health in a variety of ways! We are talking about basking in the beauty of nature.

People over the age of 70 who spend time outdoors everyday report feeling less pain in their muscles and bones.

As we mentioned swimming pools can have a lot of chemicals floating around. If you are looking for a fresh take on life and would like more exposure to nature head for a lake or even an ocean.

Benefits of Swimming
Stay connected to nature

Spending time in a natural water body will promote your physical as well as mental health. Here is the benefit of swimming.

Could you imagine taking a dip in a cool lake, your body would be screaming thanks. Again, make sure that the water sources are not polluted.



Now, The Conclusion

From calorie burning to the whole-body workout, physical health to mental support, reduced back pain to better sleep, there are several health benefits of swimming present.

As we know, swimming is a low-impact, full-body workout and suitable for all ages, gender and fitness level.

It is a safe exercise option for older people, arthritic patients, people with multiple sclerosis and also a pregnant mother.

It is a stress management outdoor activity. There are some variations that are existing, such as freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke etc.

Swimming also a great option for those who suffer from asthma, over-weight and insomnia.

Swimming is a safe activity for kids and an affordable activity.

However, make sure the water body is not polluted and always follow the safety rules during swimming.


Thank You.

Stay Connected to Healthcopia.

Stay Healthy, Be Wealthy.


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