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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body



The plank exercise is the most popular daily exercise in the fitness world.

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body
Plank Exercise

If you ask a bunch of trainers to give you a shortlist of their favorite exercises, the plank will likely be at the top of them. There is a good reason for that doing. Because From the physical to mental, it has several health benefits.

It is one of the quickest ways to tighten and tone your core body, reduce back pain, boost metabolism and get rid of belly fat.

Planks exercise is a simple, yet very effective bodyweight exercise. On the other hand, the steps of planking also simple. However, it does not mean that doing a plank is very easy.

Staying into a plank pose can be easy, holding it for few seconds can be easy, but as time goes on, it becomes difficult to hold it. In short, planking a genuine test of your endurance.

If you are a beginner, start by holding this position for 30 seconds (recommended).


How to Do Plank Exercise

Before going to the health benefits of the plank exercise, it is important to know, how to do it!

There are few variations of planking are present depend on the steps and body position.

But, here we are discussing the steps of a classical plank and how to do it.

Step 01: At first, lie on your back with your fists clasp, elbows pushed into your side by your ribs, forearms on the floor and toes tucked together.

Step 02: After that, push your body weight up, so that it is resting on your forearms and feet in a straight line parallel to the floor.

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body
Regular Planking Mistake

Step 03: Next, squeeze the muscles in your bottom and thighs and push your heels together. It increases the muscular tension in your legs and pulling up on your pelvic floor.

Step 04: Then, check your back and bottom are not popping up or caving in. Tuck your pelvis under to switch on your lower abs and make sure that you're making a straight line from heels to head. Your shoulders will be parallel to the floor.

Step 05: Finally, remember to keep your head and neck in a relaxed neutral spine position with your eyes focused on the floor at a spot between your forearms.

So, these are the proper steps of classical plank exercise and you know, how to do a classic plank.

Some common variations of planking are side plank, straight arm plank, twisting knee plank, side plank crunch etc. Doing classical plank is safe, but the variations can pinch you. These should be practiced in the presence of a trainer.

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body
Various Types of Plank



Health Benefits of Planking

Doing plank exercise every day brings various health and fitness benefits to us. Not only physical, but planking also provide mental health.

From weight loss to remove back pain, improved posture to maintain body shape, it provides more.


i. Planking for Weight Loss

One of the most important benefits of the plank exercise is to lose weight. Generally, it has the ability to boost your metabolism.

Planking challenges your entire body muscles. It promotes muscle activity and strengthens them. More muscle activity during workout burns more calories and promotes weight loss.

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body
Planking Reduces Obesity

This muscle strengthening exercise helps you burn more calories even if you're sitting the whole day. Planking burns more calories than regular crunches and sit-ups.

Those who work in the office or other jobs and don’t have time for gym and other exercises, planking is crucial for them.

Plank exercise will burn more calories as well as body fats more effectively with fewer chances of gaining weight again.

So, physical activities for weight loss are too important these days and planking can be a great option, besides bicycling.


ii. Planking Reduces Belly Fat

Boost metabolism and weight loss are partially associated with a toned belly. Increased metabolism promotes overall weight loss, whereas a plank exercise also reduces belly fat specifically and provides toned belly.

It will help you build your deep inner core muscles that lay the groundwork for the six-pack look.

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body

As your abdominal muscles become stronger, your midsection will tighten. Plank is more efficient to do so.

But keep in mind, if you really want a six-pack and toned abs, you need planking with proper weight loss breakfast as well as a full day weight loss diet. Doing planks alone won't help in that.


iii. Planking Provides Stronger Core

The plank exercise is popular to provides stronger core muscles. It promotes a six-pack and toned abs.

It engages all your major core muscle groups including the transverse abdominis, the rectus abdominis, the external oblique muscle and the glutes.

Transverse abdominis is the set of core muscles that are responsible to develop abs. It is important to train first of this muscle by planking if you want to see a six-pack when you are standing in front of the mirror.

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body
Planking Strengthens Core muscles

The rectus abdominis is responsible to greatly improve sports performance and provide the ability to jump high.

The external oblique muscle provides the ability to bend sideway as well as twist your waist.

On the other hand, glutes support you back and provide the desired shape of your back.

In strengthening each of these muscle groups by plank exercise, you will notice an increased ability to lift heavier weights and improved sports performance, particularly related to jumping.

Your body will also have improved capacity for stable side-bending, waist twisting, a supported back and strong, shapely buttocks.


iv. Planking Improves Posture

Improving body posture is another vital benefit of the plank exercise. It creates a strong core as well as the functional midsection.

They engage the entire core which encompasses the whole midsection from the pelvic griddle to your shoulder.

When these muscles, such as the erector, spinae, rhomboids and trapezius are strong, naturally, you will stand up straighter with improved posture.

Good posture means keeping your bones and muscles in proper alignment, facilitating breathing and nervous system function.

It also maintains the proper position and functions of internal body organs and nullifies digestive issues. On the other hand, good posture also prevents the development of injuries during any physical activity.

Additionally, good posture lengthens you out. So, you look thinner and taller without dropping an ounce on the scale.

As we know, standing up tall makes your appearance more confident and self-assured.


v. Planking Improves Balance & Coordination

One of the best benefits of the plank exercise is maintaining body balance and coordination.

It does not come from actual muscle growth but from its ability to help you train your muscles to be stronger as well as stable.

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body
Benefits of Planking

Your body uses the core muscles to maintain balance. When you are running, cycling, other exercising in any way or during dancing, core muscles doing its job.

Generally, people think that their extremities are responsible for their balance, but the majority of your body stabilization provide by the core muscles.

A stronger midsection helps to avoid injuries and maintaining balance during athletic training and aggressive exercise.

The plank exercise also helps to build the endurance of the different muscle groups, so it will make you able to maintain coordination in physically exhausting situations.


vi. Planking Increases Flexibility

Increasing flexibility is another positive impact of the plank exercise.

Not only glutes, but planking makes all of the posterior muscle groups in the back much more flexible. Many traditional exercises are neglecting these back areas.

Continue planking promotes the growth and stretching of the muscle groups around the shoulder and collar bone areas.

Due to its vital health impacts, planking is an important pose of many yoga routines also.

So, when you add plank exercise in your regular workout, you will not only improve your core muscle strength or posture, you also build your flexibility as well.

The variations of planking improve the flexibility of different muscle groups.


vii. Planking Reduces Back Pain

Another benefit of planking is reducing back pain. However, this is an indirect impact on our health.

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body
Planking Reduces Back Pain

A strong core, improved posture and more flexibility effectively reduce back pain. Planking provides all of them.

Due to the posture improving effect, plank exercise helps to align the vertebral column and reduces unnecessary stress in the spine region.

It also improves the health of ligaments in the back and prevents back pain.

Regular planking also reduces osteoarthritis, joint pain, neck and shoulder pain by improving posture.


viii. Planking Improves Mental Health

Physical exercises are deeply related to mental health. The plank exercise is no exception. Regular planking has benefits in your state of mind.

This exercise contributes to massive physical stress to the human body. This physical stress can drain mental stress and can improve your mood.

Plank Exercise Can Transform Your Body
Planking Improves Mood

Due to reducing body fats, planking also reduces the depression caused by obesity.

On the other hand, pain and physical tension can compound into a form of anxiety. These physical responses can affect your mental health due to psychosomatic response.

Planking can eliminate all of these physical stress, tension and pain, which can help ease your state of mind, generally the mood.



Now, The Conclusion

These are the benefits of the regular plank exercise. From physical to mental, it provides various positive health impacts.

As we know, it is the most common exercise and the steps are easy to do. But the benefits are countless.

If you try to reduce some pounds if you are suffering from back and joint pain, if your body posture is not proper, then planking can be a great option for you.

Those who want a six-pack and attractive abs before summer trip, stick this exercise in your regular workout routine.


Thank You.

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