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Monday, September 28, 2020

The Potential Causes of Depression That You Need to Know

The Potential Causes of Depression That You Need to Know





Do you know, depression is the most common mental illness! It is a serious mental issue studied by experts, universities and colleges for a long time. But the exact causes of depression are still to be undetermined.

Potential Causes Of Depression
Potential Causes Of Depression

However, we have some educated ideas about what might cause mental disorders.

According to the WHO, worldwide almost 350 million people of various ages are living with depression.

On the other hand, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 8.1% of the total American adult’s ages 20 and over are suffering from depression.

People experience depression in various ways, such as sadness, anger, lose someone or something etc.

Studies showed that different causes of depression are present. All the causes are not always preventable. But knowing the causes makes it easier to fight them.


So, let’s explore the potential causes.


The Causes Responsible for Depression

There are various causes of depression are present, some of them are preventable or curable, but not all. From the chemical imbalance to genetic, obesity to poor diet, physical to environmental, there can be any of these reasons.

Potential Causes Of Depression
Major Depressive Disorders


i. Chemical Imbalance in The Brain

Among the various potential causes of depression, the most common of them is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Chemical imbalance arises due to the abnormality of neurotransmitters.

Several neurotransmitters play a vital role in mental health, they are serotonin, dopamine, noradrenalin. They help to communicate different parts of the brain to each other.

When their normal amounts and activities are altered, it may the cause of depression. According to the research, having too much or too little of neurotransmitter or their low contribution are the potential causes of depression.

The most common neurotransmitter involved in mood regulation is serotonin. It is a feel-good hormone. Reduced serotonin levels or activity promotes stress, anxiety as well as major depression.

Mild depression is common in today’s competitive world. But in the severe stage, it can lead to suicide or another self-destruction.

So, if you experience depression, it is important to talk with parents or any family member and of course to a doctor. They will do their best to diagnose and treat you.


ii. Genetic Susceptibility Leads Depression

You can be worried to know that genetic susceptibility may another cause of depression.

That means, if depression is in your gene, you have to live with it. So, the family history of depression can be another risk factor.

According to the study, almost 40% of depression determined by genetics.

Twin and family studies have linked depression to genetics. If any parent or sibling is suffering from depression also increases your risk factor.

So, if you are suffering from mental illness, don’t hide it. Discuss it with your parents.


iii. Imbalance in Female Hormones

There are several causes of depression present, imbalance in female reproductive hormones are one of the important causes.

Women have to deal with menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and sometimes it becomes hard enough. These hard situations may lead to mild to severe depression in women.

Potential Causes Of Depression
Depression for hormonal imbalance

According to various studies, the chances of major depression peak in the reproductive years. It is due to hormonal imbalance.

Women in their menstrual period, childbirth and perimenopause, reproductive hormones are in flux and they are prone to depressive disorders.

On the other hand, the chances of depression are declined after menopause.


iv. Obesity May Lead Depression

Depression can be associated with obesity. A sedentary lifestyle, irregular daily life and obesity, all of these may the causes of depression.

According to the CDC, 43% of adults with a major depressive disorder are obese.

Potential Causes Of Depression
Obesity and depression

On the other hand, children who are suffering from depression have high BMI* (Body Mass Index) as well as obesity.

According to a study in 2010, obesity is highly related to emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety etc. Obese people have 55% more chances of developing depression.

So, avoid living a sedentary lifestyle and try to prevent or reduce your obesity to get rid of depression or other mental issues.


*More BMI means more body weight as well as obesity.

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v. Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition may be a vital cause of depression. Irregular and poor diet can trigger mental health in several ways.

Certain vitamins a minerals deficiency contributes to major depressive disorders.

Those are low in omega-3 fatty acids or with an imbalanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 are associated with increased rates of depression.

Potential Causes Of Depression
Depression for a poor diet

Studies found that vitamin-D deficiency linked to depression. According to a 2013 study noticed that people with low vitamin-D had a greater risk of depression.

On the other hand, the vitamin-B complex plays a vital role in depression. These vitamins, such as vitamin-B12 and B6 take part in producing some chemicals that alter mood and other brain functions.

So, low levels of vitamin-B12 and B6 can be the cause of depression.

Additionally, diets high in refined sugar have been associated with depression.

Our advice, you will want to up your vitamin intake and cut down the sugar content. If you can't find foods with omega-6 to omega-3, take supplements.

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vi. Physical Disturbance

Some physical disturbances can be the causes of depression, the most common of them is a disturbance in the circadian rhythm.

Our circadian rhythm is usually altered by light. When light enters the eye, it influences the rhythm.

In the winter, due to shorter daylight, this rhythm becomes disturbed. On the other hand, during winter, people generally spend limited time outdoors. Both of these result in depression.

Depression is caused by the presence of shorter daylight, known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Potential Causes Of Depression
Potential Causes Of Depression

So, if you live in a colder climate and find yourself getting very depressed during the winter months. you may just be affected by this disorder.

Our advice is to take a light therapy, which will bring your circadian rhythm back to the right and will reduce the effects of seasonal depression or SAD.

vii. Serious Medical Issues

Sometimes serious medical issues may the causes of depression. The experience of depression may lead to chronic diseases, poor health, sleep disorders and thyroid problem.

It is not just the pain and suffering, that is caused by your illness. The mental stresses and anxiety that comes with a certain illness, which could make us depressed.

It is more common in people who suffer from cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis etc.

Always not from you, but depression can come from a family member, friend or loved one, who has serious medical issues.


viii. Personality

Don’t be surprised. Yes! your personality can be a cause of depression.

Unfortunately, your depression can be linked with you. Let’s try to understand what kinds of people might be affected the most.

Potential Causes Of Depression
Depression for low self-confidence

Specifically, those who have a lot of worries, low self-esteem, are sensitive to personal criticism or are self-critical, negative. Sometimes perfectionists can suffer from depression.

These people are more vulnerable to major depressive disorder.


ix. Something Loss

Yes! losses may be the cause of depression. The losses can be emotionally as well as economically.

Those who lost their parents, family person or loved one, suffers from depression.

On the other hand, some people lose in business and going through economic challenges, more chances to suffer from depression.

Additionally, sometimes losing a job can be the major cause of depression. Loss of satisfaction or personal freedom due to job causes depression.


x. Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Finally, Drug and alcohol abuse are some of the leading causes of depression.

According to a study, almost 5,00000 Australians suffered from a substance (drug and alcohol) use disorder and depression at the same time in their lives.

Potential Causes Of Depression
Drug Abuse and Depression

The link between the two is fairly evident. Our advice, if you use either of them as a crutch, seek help.

You may not think it, but there are a lot of people out there who care about you and want to see you get better and healthy, physically as well as mentally.

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Now, The Conclusion

These are the possible causes of depression. As we know, some of these are preventable, curable and some are not.

If you are going through this phase, don’t try to hide it. You need mental empathy as well as the advice of a medical practitioner. So, try to talk with your parents, friends or loved ones.

A proper diet, a healthy lifestyle can be the solution to fight depression. Add nutritious foods in your daily. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle, start exercising, cycling or other physical activities.

Light therapy can be your best choice in seasonal as well as other depressive disorders. You can try music therapy as a natural treatment.

Depression is a temporary problem in your life, don’t let it affect you too much.


Thank You.

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Stay Healthy, Be Wealthy.



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