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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Benefits of Alkaline Water for Better Health

 Benefits of Alkaline Water for Better Health




You already know about several health benefits of an alkaline diet. But have you ever heard of alkaline water! What are the benefits of alkaline water? Does it have any side effects?

Today we will discuss all of these and more.


Benefits of Alkaline Water
Benefits of Alkaline Water

To stay hydrated is crucial for our health. Everyone knows that drinking water is good for you, but there could be a way to make it even better and here is the importance of this drink stuff.

The pH level is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of any foods or drinks stuff. The word ‘alkaline’ of alkaline water is referred to as the water pH level. It has a higher pH level than normal tap water, even more than rainwater also.

The theory is if things are alkaline then this helps to neutralize the acid in your bloodstream and that is associated with certain health benefits.

So, the health benefits of alkaline water in the fitness world are neutralizing the body’s acidity and maintains a pH level, slow the aging, prevent cancer as well as improve blood pressure. Its pH is higher than 7.0, generally, 8.0 to 9.0

However, only pH value is not enough to provide health benefits, this drink must contain alkaline mineral (such as calcium, magnesium etc.), which has been ionized and negative ORP* (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), more negative ORP, that means more antioxidizing in nature.


*ORP of any drinks or foodstuff is the ability to acts as an antioxidant or pro-antioxidant. Pro-antioxidants convert into antioxidants during metabolism. The increasing negative value of ORP refers to the increasing in antioxidant effects.


Source of Alkaline Water


The sources of natural alkaline water are waterfalls, springs etc. When natural water passes over rocks, it picks up several minerals from nature and becomes alkaline.

However, it is not the only and conventional source.

Due to the popularity in the health world and the benefits of alkaline water keeping in mind, some water brands focus specifically on the manufacturing of this drink. A machine is known as an ionizer use to raise the pH of normal water and converts it into alkaline water.

Benefits of Alkaline Water
Alkaline water

Ionizer separates the molecules in the water that are more alkaline or acidic. At last, the acidic water is funneled out.

Using some natural ingredients, you can make your own alkaline drink at home. Adding baking soda or lemon or lime in the regular water, make it more alkaline in a natural way.


Health Benefits of Alkaline Water


According to the nutritionists, our body secretes a lot of acidic juices during metabolism. So, the benefits of alkaline water are to neutralize the acids.

Generally, health experts suggest that always consume 70% alkaline and 30% acidic foods, then the pH of the body will be neutral. When these foods balance is altered, the body needs alkaline water.

About eight to nine illnesses are the most common causes of changes in the blood pH level, diabetes can make your blood more acidic whereas kidney problems can make also.

Sometimes certain foods, such as dairy products, coffee, alcohol etc. can also make your blood more acidic.

So, neutralize and maintain body pH are the most common and important benefits of alkaline water.

Let’s explore the benefits.

i. Impact on Bone Health

Studies show that there are high levels of acids in the body which goes on for a long time, they can actually affect your bone health.

The calcium making our bones strong. The acid can draw out the calcium from the bone, which is leading them to be brittle or weak. It promotes osteoporosis.

According to the health experts, drinking alkaline water can protect your bones in osteoporosis.

On the other hand, old bone cells are broken and replaced by new cells, known as bone resorption. Less the resorption with more mineral density results in better bone health.

The benefits of alkaline water are reduced bone resorption as well as increase in density.


ii. It Can Prevent Cancer

Some studies have shown that acidic environments help cancer cells grow. So, the benefits of alkaline water are preventing cancer.

A diet with high alkaline foods, water and low acidic foods will raise the body's pH levels, making the body more alkaline, which prevent or even cure cancer.

Another study suggests that alkaline water may have potent antioxidants that help to prevent the growth of tumor cells.

It should be noted that the effects of alkaline water in cancer prevention, studied in a dish and do not represent the complex nature of how tumors behave in the human body.


Benefits of Alkaline Water
benefits of alkaline water

 iii. It Can Promote Immunity

Among various benefits of alkaline water, it one of the most important.

It has the ability to scavenge any free radicals that can affect your immune system. When you have strong immunity, you won't be susceptible to illnesses compared to before.

Generally, a boosted immune system easily neutralizes the acidity of the body.


iv. It Prevents Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can be triggered when you drink or eat foods that acidic in nature and cause inflammation in your stomach.

When it keeps happening for a long time can cause GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)

According to the study, several benefits of alkaline water are present to prevent Acid reflux disease.

The supplementation of alkaline water is an effective treatment of this gastric problem. It neutralizes the acids in the stomach.

On the other hand, the anti-inflammatory effects of this drink reduce inflammation also.


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v. May Improve Blood Pressure and Sugar

There are some benefits of alkaline water may be effective in diabetes and heart health.

According to a study, people drinking alkaline water for 3-6 months, lowers the measures of blood pressure, blood glucose as well as blood lipids level.

Another study over 100 people, in 2016, suggests that high pH alkaline water reduces the blood viscosity after exercise.

So, reduced viscosity decreases cardiovascular strains, due to dehydration. 

However, more study needed on this topic.


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vi. Detoxify Your Body

Another benefit that you can get from drinking alkaline water is that it helps detoxify your body from any acidic wastes.

Benefits of Alkaline Water
Alkaline water for detoxification

From the foods in our daily diet as well as environmental exposure, acidic waste accumulated in the body that leaves toxins behind. They affect our body by several processes, such as oxidative cell damage to aging, the liver to the respiratory system and more.

Drinking alkaline water actually neutralizes the acidity in your body and eliminating waste products for your overall health.

Keep in mind, the benefits of alkaline water and can put it in your diet.


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vii. It May an Acne Buster

As we know, toxins and harmful particles are responsible for acne and other skin issues.

Among several benefits of alkaline water, one of them helps to remove toxins and harmful particles from your body.

Alkaline water full of healthy minerals and antioxidants, they destroy these acne-causing elements.

Rehydration by alkaline water is also easier and important due to its smaller size of the water molecules than normal water.

So, the ionized water helps to hydrate and nourish you from the inside out.


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Alkaline Water Really Works?

The benefits of alkaline water are under some controversy.

Many health professionals think that there is not enough study to supports its health claims. However, several studies show that alkaline water might effective in certain conditions.

Benefits of Alkaline Water
pH of Alkaline water

In 2012, a study suggests that alkaline water with 8.8 pH, helps to deactivate hyperactivity of enzyme pepsin and may reduce acid reflux.

Another study suggests that ionized alkaline water is beneficial to people with hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol etc.

Those who consumed ionized water with high pH reduced blood viscosity by 6-6.5% as compared to standard purified water, which reduces only 3.5%.

So, the benefits of alkaline water promote blood flow and enhance oxygen availability throughout the body.

Generally, alkaline water provides weight loss, strong bones, anti-aging property, colon-cleansing property, cancer resistance, strong immunity, detoxification, rehydration and skin health.


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Downsides of Drinking Alkaline Water


We already know the various health benefits of alkaline water. But take a look at the side effects.

The possible side effect is lower natural acidity in the stomach. The acidic pH of the stomach (2.0-3.0) is important to digestion. So, digestion can be hampered.

Benefits of Alkaline Water
Alkaline water downsides

On the other hand, stomach acidity also killing some harmful bacteria. If the acidity decreased, then undesirable pathogens gradually increase in the bloodstream.

It can also decrease free calcium in the body. It can affect bone health.

Additionally, excess alkalinity in the body due to the consumption of alkaline water can cause skin irritation, gastrointestinal problems and can trigger metabolic alkalosis.

The common symptoms of alkalosis are nausea, vomiting, tingling in the face and limbs etc.

Another problem that you might encounter is that alkaline water is more expensive compared to tap water. Because the ionizers and manufacturing process are considerably more expensive.

Although possible downsides are present to consume alkaline water, it is considered safe.

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Now, The Conclusion

Various health benefits of alkaline water are already discussed. May it has some possible side effects, but it is considered safe.

From bone health to cancer prevention, immunity to detoxification, it is so popular in the fitness world.

Benefits of Alkaline Water
Alkaline water

According to the WHO study, drinking water with low minerals is under caution, it leads to various health issues. In that point of view ionized, mineral-rich alkaline water is a promising drink.  

So, to make your alkaline water at home, you need a half of lemon, a medium-sized cucumber, a quarter of ginger root in half a cup of mint leaves to prepare.

First, you need to wash all the ingredients and then cut them up. The ginger needs to be peeled before that put them in a jar of water and leave it overnight. All of these ingredients will not only make your water alkaline but also make it flavored water.

To avoid processing and access the benefits of alkaline water, homemade drinks can better for you than a packaged bottle and it also cost-effective.

In the morning you drink it before you eat anything and then you can take it throughout the day as well.


Thank You.

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