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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Banana Face Mask for Your Beautiful Face

Banana Face Mask for Your Beautiful Face




Do you know the importance of a banana face mask for your beauty? What are the benefits? How to make it? How to apply it on the face?

Yes! Today we will discuss all of this face mask.


Banana Face Mask
Banana Face Mask

By the time we reach our early 40s, we usually start developing wrinkles, we get worried and spend thousands of dollars to hide it.

Commercial beauty products full of chemicals, make our skin drier and rougher. Here is the importance of a natural banana face mask. It can act as a natural moisturizer, stress marks reliever and an anti-aging agent.

Banana is one of the most important fruit in the alkaline diet. It contains several nutrients and some of those nutrients can save your beauty and major cosmetic bills.

From hair to skincare, due to its massive health benefits, it becomes popular in the beauty world.


Nutritional Value

Banana as a fruit, rich in various healthy nutrients. But when it uses topically, it exerts notable benefits.

The nutrients of banana face mask linked to the skin health are:


i. Potassium

It is a vital mineral of this face mask. Potassium hydrates the dry skin and maintains the moisturizer for a long time.

ii. Silica

According to the beauty experts, the silica of banana promotes collagen production in the skin and increases smoothness as well as skin hydration.

iii. Zinc

Zinc-rich foods are too important to healthy skin. The dietary mineral zinc of banana fights off the acne-causing germs.

Banana Face Mask
Banana Face Mask

iv. Vitamin-A

Vitamin-A is produced by bioactive compounds carotenoids and plays a vital role in skin health. Vitamin-A of banana face mask heals dry and redness of face skin. On the other hand, this vitamin reduces the dark spot and acne scars.

Additionally, vitamin -A smooths he skin and prevents signs of aging.

v. Vitamin-E

The most vital vitamin for healthy skin and beauty is vitamin-E. It acts as an antioxidant, scavenges the free radicals and protects skin cells from oxidative damage.

This vitamin of banana also prevents the damage from UV exposure and delay the aging.

vi. Vitamin-C

After vitamin-E, another antioxidant of banana is vitamin-C and too much important to skin health. Vitamin-C is necessary for collagen production.

On the other hand, it fights off free radicals and reduces signs of aging. Additionally, vitamin-C controls skin oil secretion.

vii. Lectin

Lectin is a carbohydrate-binding protein, present in the banana face mask. According to the study, this protein is responsible for antibacterial and antiviral activity.

Banana lectin may help to destroy acne and pimple-causing bacteria.

viii. Amino Acids

Several amino acids are present in the banana, the most vital of them is tryptophan. Amino acids banana nourishes the skin, strengthen the skin connective tissues and maintain skin elasticity.


Benefits of Banana Face Mask


From skin nourishment to hydration, remove acne scars to signs of aging, there are various benefits of banana mask importance for our skin and beauty.

Let’s explore all of these:


i. It Prevents Skin Damage

As we age, our skin defense mechanisms start to fail, which allows free radicals to breakdown the collagen in our skin.

Here are the benefits of a banana face mask.

Vitamin-A of banana has potent antioxidant nature. It refreshes your skin and doesn't allow the free radicals to damage the collagen as well as prevents skin damage.

It also gets rid of acne and fine lines that may appear as you age.

Vitamin-A also protects our skin from redness and pigmentation that can be caused by exposure to too much sunlight. It provides a natural barrier against UV rays.

Additionally, Vitamin-A boosts cell production and protects the skin by helping fibroblasts develop more tissue to keep the skin healthy.

Vitamin-C and E is also vital to prevent skin damage. So, this face mask will save your cosmetic bills efficiently.


 ii. Significant Source of Vitamin-E

Vitamin-E is your skin elixir and the banana face mask is an important source of it.

We already know, how bad free radicals are for our skin, but rough molecules are another damaging property that can harm our collagen protein. Vitamin-E in this face mask comes to the rescue.

From the UV exposure or the toxic particles in the air, this nutrient of face mask neutralizes and cleanses them off your skin.

It also forms a protective barrier around your cell membranes which enables it to stay hydrated for a longer period of time.

Vitamin-E also fights against skin inflammation. According to a study over the people with dermatitis, it was found that people who consumed more vitamin-E got more relief.

Additionally, like vitamin-A, vitamin E also keeps your acne scars away.


Banana Face Mask
Banana Face Mask Benefits

iii. Reduces Stress Marks

As we age, our skin defense lower and we become vulnerable to a lot of things, one of them is stress marks. As we reach our 20’s, we are susceptible to them.

Stress marks are the result of the physical as well as mental pressures that we take on in a day. Other factors also responsible, such as indigestion and blood pressure, cell damage.

If you are tensed why you have small dots on your forehead or nose, well this can be your stress marks.

So, you can all of these cure stress marks to apply a banana face mask.

Bananas are rich in magnesium; these nutrients help tighten the pores of your skin and get rid of particles that cause these marks.

Apart, from that, much like Vitamin A, magnesium also boosts the cell production on your skin which can help you avoid stress marks.


iv. It Removes Acne Scars

When you put a banana face mask, you are also putting mineral iron on your face.

Iron is a nutrient that can help remove acne scars. The iron present in banana fights against acne and increases cell production on your skin.

It also tightens the pores of your skin and makes it difficult for free radicals to cause fine lines or wrinkles.

On the other hand, vitamin-A and C also beneficial to remove acne scars as well as sunspots.

According to experts, it may reduce hyperpigmentation in the face.


v. It Reduces Wrinkles

 As you grow older, your skin naturally loses collagen and also appear wrinkles and fine lines in the face.

The banana face mask is effective to cure them. The silica, vitamin-C helps in collagen production and reducing wrinkles.

This face mask plays a vital role to reduce the appearance of signs of aging.


Banana Face Mask
Banana Face Mask

vii. It Glows  The Skin

The banana face mask is too effective to glow your skin.

The antioxidants and anti-aging properties of this face mask cleanse, gently nourishes and exfoliates the skin.

The iron content of the banana also fights against skin dryness and absorbs more moisture.

The overall effects are providing glowing skin.



Ingredients of Banana Face Mask


The ingredients of the banana face mask are quite important for desirable benefits. Some certain ingredients enhance its potential effects. They are:

1. Honey: A banana mask is incomplete without honey. This already digested food acts as a catalyst in this procedure.

Honey adds more antioxidants into the mix. The antioxidants oxidize the particles that have set up in your pores and cleanses them away. After that, it hydrates and strengthens the skin pores.

It also adds antibacterial property into the face mask and fights off acne-causing germs. If you really want to take care of your skin, you won't just stop at adding honey.


Banana Face Mask
Banana Face Mask Ingredients

2. Curd or Yogurt: Yes, it is another necessary ingredient in this mix. It lightens the mixture and allows the honey and banana to blend in properly.

Apart from that, curd comes with a lot of good bacteria. These good bacteria enrich your skin from within and help its pigmentation. The Vitamin-D present in curd helps to keep the skin away from itches and bad bacteria.

On top of all that, you can use curd whether you have dry or oily skin.


3. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice adds more vitamin-C as well as antioxidants into a banana face mask. Lemon juice fights against free radicals and prevents oxidative skin damages.

The mixture of the banana masks with lemon helps to lighten dark spots, reduces extra oil from the skin and promotes an oil clear face.

Additionally, lemon juice and banana mask mix whiten the skin tone and bring back the skin glow.


4. Orange Juice: Adding orange juice into a banana mask increases its anti-aging property.

This mixture helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the face.


You can also add turmeric with a banana face mask to access the antibacterial effects. Avocado can add more moisturizing effects in the mixture.



Side effects and Precautions

Topically use of a banana face mask is considered safe. The side effects are very rare in the case. Normally, it is not allergic in nature.

But anyone has a ‘Latex allergy’, can suffer an allergic reaction with a banana mask. The allergic reaction may be sneezing, red rashes, skin swelling, itching etc.

So, be aware 0f this allergic reaction of banana.



How to Apply It?

Collect your desire ingredients to make a banana face mask. Then mix all the ingredients in a bowl. You can also use a mixer or grinder to make the mixture.

Pull your hair away from the face. Apply the mixture clean and dry skin.

Make a layer of this mixture in your skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes.

At last, wash it with light warm water.

You can repeat 2 to 3 times a week. If you experience any rash, redness or allergic reaction, consult with a dermatologist immediately.


Banana Face Mask
Banana Face Mask


Now, The Conclusion


The banana face mask is a natural skincare mixture with several benefits. It made by natural fruits and foodstuff can be easily made at home. The side effects are very rare but health benefits are not.

From skin glow to moisturize, reduce dark spot to wrinkles, remove pigmentation to sign of aging, all of these can be done naturally with a banana face mask.

So, don’t go with chemically made beauty products to remove the dark spots or skin hydrate. It can harm your face and skin by hiking your cosmetic bills.

The natural banana mask is also cost-effective compared to the chemical beauty products.


Thank You.

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