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Friday, March 13, 2020

Weight Loss Diet Chart

Weight Loss Diet Chart


Weight loss diet chart is a discussion based on “How to lose weight with a proper diet”. Before going to the weight loss diet chart, let’s discuss obesity (overweight), causes of obesity, side effects and some steps for weight loss.
The right amount of body fats is necessary for our health to absorbing nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals), storing energy and maintaining other functions.
Weight loss Diet Chart
weight loss diet chart

But when the fats become excess than the healthy amount is called overweight or obesity. Nowadays, Overweight has become a pandemic around the world. It has become very common among children to elder individuals. Weight loss and control has become very much important to everyone.

In the point of health and fitness, weight loss refers to the reduction of unwanted body fats. The result of weight loss is improving health, fitness and to change the appearance. So, it can be easily be done through a Weight loss diet chart.

·       Causes of Obesity: There are several causes why an individual becomes overweight. These are:

i. Overweight occurs due to an irregular, unhealthy diet plan. During an unhealthy diet, a high amount of carbohydrates is consumed. The high amount of carbohydrates increases blood sugar levels high which stimulates high insulin secretion and it triggers the growth of fat cells and obesity. Overeating generally leads to overweight.

ii. Physical inactivity gradually decreases fat burn, leads overweight.

iii. Mental stress

iv. Many diseases (such as polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance etc.) cause obesity.

v. sometimes hormonal imbalance and genetic factors cause obesity.

Although there are various causes for overweight, the most common reason is an irregular, unhealthy diet among less physical activity. By the weight loss diet plan with a proper daily life, overweight can also be controlled easily.

·       Measuring Overweight: It can be measured by BMI (Body mass index) which is the ratio of body weight in kilograms and square of height in meter.

                               BMI = body mass (kg)/ height2 (meter)

i. BMI = 0-18; it means underweight and needs to weight gain.
ii. BMI = 18.1-25; it means normal body weight and should be controlled as it is.
iii. BMI = 25.1-30; overweight, it’s time to aware and reduces body fat.

·       Side effects of overweight: In the initial stage overweight is not harmful that much. But the side effects gradually increase with increasing body fat. In a severe stage, it is too harmful and leads many lives threatening conditions.

i. Cardiovascular problems: Cardiovascular diseases increase with Overweight. It increases blood pressure levels and can cause heart disease. On the other hand, it promotes fat deposition in the blood vessels and increases the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack etc.

ii. Diabetes: The insulin resistance of the fat cells is too high. Due to the resistance of insulin excess body fat leads to diabetes.

iii. Brain stroke: Excess body fat creates a strain in the cerebrovascular system and causes brain stroke.

iv. Cancer:  Obesity promotes all types of cancers.

v. Infertility: Both in men and women obesity increase infertility.

vi. Fatty liver: Excess body fat is the main cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver problems.

vi. Asthma: It reduces the capacity of the lungs and leads to asthma.

Steps for weight loss

There are several steps exists for controlling overweight and maintaining health. The most important of them is to follow a healthy weight loss diet chart along with the physical activity.

We will discuss the components of the food, those are paly vital roles in weight loss and health management.

Healthy foods for weight loss

 There are some basic characteristics must be present in the weight loss diet chart, which are:

i. During follow the diet, the calories are consumed by the individual maximum of 1200 kcal per day.  The carbohydrates of diet foods must be complex carbohydrate because it digests more slowly and calorie release is delayed.

ii. Weight loss diet chart must fill with a high amount of dietary fiber. The fiber filling satiety and promotes the small intake of food.

iii. The diet must fill by healthy unsaturated fats and saturated, trans fats should be kept away.

iv. The weight loss diet chart must rich in high protein which helps to avoid overeating.

v. The diet must fill with those foods that boost body metabolism.

These foods should be on a weight loss diet chart

1. Whole fruits: Whole fruits are important components in the weight loss diet chart. Some people prefer fruit juices instead of whole fruit because they think that it will make them more weight loss than whole fruit and they drink a lot of fruit juices for weight loss. But that is not true.
Weight loss Diet Chart
whole fruits

The juice is relatively high in calories than whole fruit and it cannot fill satiety. In the same number of calories, whole fruit provides more nutrients than juice and with more fibers, the feeling of fullness will be increased.

In the case of whole fruits, the absorption of calories will also decrease. This is why a whole fruit will be better for your weight loss diet chart.
Examples of some whole fruits for weight loss- apples, oranges, lemon, banana etc.
Weight loss Diet Chart
whole fruits

2. Avocado: Avocado is an important exotic fruit and native to Mexico. In the weight loss diet chart, this fruit occupies a vital position. It is one of the high dietary fiber-rich fruit. The dietary fiber of avocado filling satiety and promotes the small intake of food to reduce overweight.

Weight loss Diet Chart

Avocado promotes the secretion of “Happy Hormones (serotonin, endorphin, dopamine)” and reduces anxiety, mental stress. So, this fruit can prevent obesity occurs from mental stress.

On the other hand, Avocado stands with cardio-protective nature. The unsaturated healthy fats of avocados decrease blood cholesterol levels.

3. Berry: Everyone feels an attraction toward sweet food, but when you are on a weight loss diet plan, sweet is not a good idea. The solution is fruit berries. Most of the berries are sweet in taste and full of nutrients. Various types of berries are full of antioxidants that act as free radicals scavengers. These fruits protecting cells from oxidative damage like premature aging.
They are linked to weight control because of the presence of dietary fibers which filling satiety and trigger lower food intake. People who consume antioxidant-rich berries also reduce blood sugar levels.
Weight loss Diet Chart

Berries can be a great dessert after your meal during following the weight loss diet chart.

4. Nuts: You will go with nuts as a dry fruit on this weight loss diet chart. Years ago, people didn't eat nuts because of their high-fat content. But fats are unsaturated healthy fats and they are part of a healthy diet.
Weight loss Diet Chart

Nuts contain unsaturated fat, protein and fiber, vitamin-E, magnesium, copper.

Nuts are really filling satiety due to the presence of a significant amount of dietary fiber. They also reduce the risk of cardiac disease and can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels.

5. Quinoa: This healthy food is becoming more and more popular all over the world now. It is a high protein-rich, gluten-free grain crop. The weight loss foods promote weight loss either reducing food intake or boosting body metabolism, and quinoa has both properties. The high fiber of quinoa filling satiety and reduces appetite. On the other hand, the high protein content of quinoa increases metabolism. So, the low calorie-rich quinoa is a perfect food on the weight loss diet chart.
Weight loss Diet Chart

The glycaemic index of quinoa is very low and it is too effective to control blood sugar levels. It is also rich in antioxidants quercetin, kaempferol which reduces oxidative stress, inflammation.

6. Oats: Oats is a whole-grain food that stands with various health benefits on the weight loss diet chart. It is packed with incredible nutrients such as healthy carbs and fiber, vitamin-B complex, iron, manganese etc. 
Weight loss Diet Chart

The fiber of oats is called β-glucan, a powerful soluble fiber filling satiety completely and help to weight loss. β-Glucan ma promotes the secretion of Satiety hormone peptide YY and reduces appetite (also, reduce calorie intake.)

Weight loss Diet Chart
health oat dish

7. Pasta: Pasta is also regarded as a grain that should always be included in the weight loss diet chart. However, it’s high in calories so you keep yourself from eating an excessive amount of it. If you think that pasta will cause you to gain weight that’s mean you are not eating it in a proper way. 
Weight loss Diet Chart
pasta dish

It is packed with protein and dietary fibers. The protein boosts body metabolism and fibers reduce appetite by the filling of satiety. Both micronutrients cause weight loss.
Weight loss Diet Chart

8. Potatoes: Generally, people think potatoes were bad for weight loss diet chart. But potato has various health benefits and you can eat potatoes to stay healthy. It is harmful when consumed as French fries, oily chips etc. which is not a healthy idea. A man adopted the potato only diet for one year to reduce body fat and this is how he lost 50 kilograms by the way.
Weight loss Diet Chart

The calorie content of potato is very low which is important for weight loss. They can still be part of a weight loss diet chart as long as you eat plain potatoes rather than fried potatoes or chips.

9. Spinach: It is an important leafy vegetable stands with extra-ordinary medicinal qualities on a weight loss diet chart. It can promote the weight loss process and make it easier to burn extra fats of the body.
To weight loss always need to consume fewer calories and spinach rich in a very low amount of calories.
Weight loss Diet Chart

One cup of spinach rich in just 7 calories. On the other hand, it contains fiber content that filling satiety for longer and can reduce appetite.
So, add spinach on your weight loss diet charts several times in a week for quick weight loss.

10. Pulses & Beans: There are so many reasons why you should keep more beans on your weight loss diet chart. the beans and legumes are seeds (or fruits) of the plant belonging to the Fabaceae family. Pulses and beans are an important source of vitamin-B, fiber and protein.
Weight loss Diet Chart

They boost metabolism and fat burning due to the presence of amino acid (residue of protein) that promotes carbohydrates and fat burning. The fiber of pulses filling satiety and consumed less food.
Weight loss Diet Chart
beans & pulses

It also offers a cardio-protective nature because it has a healthy impact on lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. There are even more reasons why you should add themes to your diet.

11. Whole eggs: Whole eggs are important food content on the weight loss diet chart due to the presence of its nutrients. Don’t waste any part of an egg when you are on a weight loss diet. Generally, people stop consuming eggs when they have high cholesterol and body fat. Studies show that adding a little bit of cholesterol to a weight loss diet won’t increase body cholesterol. A whole egg contains nutrients like choline and unsaturated fatty acids, so don’t keep yourself from eating eggs during the diet.
Weight loss Diet Chart

The protein-rich whole egg has a high thermogenic effect which increases body metabolism and promotes fat burning.
If you want to weight loss, put whole eggs on your weight loss diet chart.
Weight loss Diet Chart

12. Tuna fish: Tuna is a popular seafood that already has a reputation as a food component of a weight loss diet chart. It is a low amount of carbohydrate but high-quality protein and Omega-3 fatty acids rich food, that is too effective in weight loss.
Weight loss Diet Chart
Tuna fish

Tuna promotes secretion of a hormone, called leptin from white adipose tissues. The hormone leptin regulates the brain-gut axis by providing a satiety signal to our CNS. When the leptin secretion is activated, it suppresses hunger (appetite) and keep from overeating and controls obesity.

On the other hand, the high-quality protein of tuna fish is hard to digest, stays in our gut for a long time and reduces hunger. During protein digestion body metabolism increases, which results in weight loss.
If you really want to be slim and fit, put tuna on your weight loss diet chart.

13. Salmon: Salmon fish is a popular seafood with extraordinary health benefits. It stands with its massive effect on the weight loss diet chart.

Weight loss Diet Chart
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High protein and almost zero carbohydrate-rich salmon fish contribute reasonable calories which is very important to controlling obesity. Salmon increases body metabolism as well as filling satiety. This seafood contains DHA in a significant amount that supports mental health and relieves stress. So, obesity arises from mental stress, can successfully prevent by salmon.

14. Yogurt: It is a dairy product with various health benefits. Probiotic yogurt is an important part of a weight loss diet chart. Protein and calcium-rich yogurt promotes body metabolism and reduces obesity. Yogurt increases your calcium intake and can burns belly fat.
Weight loss Diet Chart

If your favourite snacks are added with some nuts and yogurt, it does not increase body fats.

15. Water: Water might not be food but it will always be an important part of the weight loss diet chart. Water has a calorie-burning property. So, drinking more water is effective in weight loss and maintain better health. In increases body metabolism 27-29% more and results in weight loss. Drinking water before a meal reduces appetite and food intake.
Weight loss Diet Chart
drinking water

The healthy amount of drinking water per day is 2-3 litters. If the person is suffering from renal diseases then drinks water as directed by the physician. You should consume a little bit of water frequently per day. If you don't like just drinking water you can add flavour for iced tea or non-sugary additives.
Weight loss Diet Chart

16. Green Tea: You are discussing weight loss diet chart and not mentioning green tea, it is impossible. The phytonutrient epicatechin, catechin of green tea boosts body metabolism and reduces fats. Green tea increases BMR 5-10% instantly.
Weight loss Diet Chart
green tea


In this article, we discuss some healthy foods and drinks that are too beneficial to weight loss. You can put these food components on a weight loss diet chart. But the benefits of these food components will be increased, when it followed with regular daily life along with physical exercise.

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