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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How to Prevent Heart Attack

How to Prevent Heart Attack


Do you know How to prevent Heart attack? The symptoms of a Heart attack? What are the causes? The risk factors? The medicines to prevent it?
Ok! Cool. Don’t worry.

If you know then that’s well. But if you don’t about these, then this article will help you to know.

Prevent Heart Attack
How to prevent heart attack

A Heart attack is a dysfunction of cardiac muscle, may results in death in maximum time. When the blood supply to cardiac muscle loses and the muscles get damaged due to some certain pathological condition, it arises a heart attack, also known as a Myocardial Infarction (MI).

Heart attack can be mild (survival) or massive(fatal) in nature and more than one time in life.

Causes of Heart attack

Before knowing How to Prevent Heart Attack, it is important to know the causes of it. The heart is the center point of the blood circulatory system, this important visceral organ pump blood to the whole body, even to the cardiac muscle. During blood pumping, the contraction and relaxation of the heart depend on the cardiac muscle. So, the damaging of these muscles due to loss of enough oxygen flow (through the blood), results in a heart attack.

The reasons for losing blood supply in arteries may be:

1. Coronary Heart Diseases (CHD): Many cardiac problems occur due to blockages in arteries and loss of purified oxygen supply. In the case of a heart attack, the reason is the same, the arteries of cardiac muscle are blocked due to form blood clots (Atherosclerosis), the heart muscle can’t get oxygen and get damaged.

2. Coronary Artery Spasm (CAS): A severe spasm in the coronary artery is a less common cause of heart attack. Arterial spasm also lowers the blood flow in the artery and arise a heart attack.

Symptoms for Heart attack

Sometimes it is quite difficult to differentiate between a heart attack and heartburn. The symptoms of heart attack can vary from individual to individual. But there is a specific and common sign that is present in a heart attack is discomfort or tightness pain in the chest. Sometimes people can have few symptoms and surprised to understand they’ve had a heart attack. It can start slowly and the pain or discomfort may be mild and go over several hours. After some time, the pain becomes intense.

The common signs of a heart attack are:

i. A tightness pain or discomfort in the chest. The intense chest pain extends from the chest to the left arm, back and shoulder.

ii. Sweating

iii. Nausea and vomiting

iv. Dizziness and headache

v. Shortness of breath

o   If you have any symptoms of the above you must consult the doctor or go to the emergency department of Cardiac care units.

Prevent Heart Attack
Symptoms of heart attack

o   Some people don't have any symptoms of a heart attack. The heart attacks occur without any symptoms are called “silent heart attacks” which is most dangerous.

Risk factors

There are some risk factors are present in heart attack:

· Those people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or insulin resistance, high cholesterol levels, chronic kidney diseases (CKD) are more susceptible to a heart attack.

·       The risk of a heart attack is more in obesity.

·       The risk of a heart attack is higher for those who smoke a cigarette. Because cigarette smoke contains over 3000 chemicals which reduces the smoothness of the inner lining of blood vessels and promotes to develop atherosclerotic plaque. The plaque cuts off the blood flow in the arteries.
Prevent Heart Attack

·       The risk of a heart attack is higher for those people who have a family history of heart diseases.

·       In some cases, people with a lack of physical exercise, they are suffering from heart diseases.

·       Those people follow an unhealthy diet plan rich in junk foods, trans fats, sugary beverages and live an irregular daily life, suffering from a heart attack.

·       Age also plays a vital role in a heart attack. Study shows that the risk of heart attack increases when a man is over 45 years and the woman is over 55 years.

·       Mental stress can cause a heart attack.

Prevent heart attack by one

The best way to prevent heart attack is following a healthy lifestyle, include:
Prevent Heart Attack

Ø Controlling high blood pressure is too important to prevent a heart attack. High blood pressure promotes CHD (coronary heart diseases).

Ø Reduce diabetes and keep in control is mandatory to prevent heart attack. High blood sugar decreases the proper functioning of the heart.

Ø To prevent heart attack, it is necessary to maintain blood cholesterol at an optimum level. Because HDL (Good cholesterol) is healthy for the heart but not LDL (bad cholesterol).

Ø If you want to prevent heart attack then you must prevent obesity, because being overweight puts your heart at high risk.

          If you are obese then losing at least 5-10% of your current body weight can help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Ø Quitting smoking. Smoking causes the formation of blood clots in arteries and lowers the flow of blood even in the cardiac muscles.

Ø Avoid alcohol consumption.
Prevent Heart Attack
no alcohol, no smoking

Ø A regular routine check-up helps to prevent heart attack. The risk of a heart attack can be reduced by routine check-ups. There are some tests use to measure the cardiac condition during a check-up: Electrocardiograph (ECG), chest X-ray and cardiac enzyme tests.

Ø Regular exercise at least 30 minutes a day is most beneficial to prevent heart attack. Exercise increases blood circulation in the body, maintains blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol at an optimum level.

Ø Doing breathing exercises and practicing meditation may help to prevent heart attack which arises from severe mental stress.

Ø Maintaining a healthy diet very important to prevent heart attack. Avoid excess salt and sugar consumption, reduce fatty foods and red meat is mandatory for a healthy heart.
Prevent Heart Attack

Foods to prevent heart attack

Your diet plays a vital role to maintain a healthy heart. To prevent heart attack your diet must rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Ø Whole grains rich in a significant amount of nutrients and dietary fiber which is a part of healthy cardiac foods.

Ø Fruits and vegetables are also important to a healthy heart.

Ø Nuts are rich in healthy unsaturated fats that maintain heart health. It is also healthy for mental health.

Ø Antioxidants-rich foods reduce the oxidation of HDL, prevent the conversion of HDL to LDL and prevent heart attack.

Prevent Heart Attack

Medicine to Prevent heart attack

There are certain medicines usually are started in heart attack by the physician or registered medical practitioner.
Self-medication it strictly prohibited; it can be fatal.

The medicines are:

Ø Aspirin to prevent heart attack: Aspirin can prevent platelets gathering and stops unwanted blood clotting in the artery.

Ø Statin medicines: Statins lower and control blood cholesterol levels. By lowering blood cholesterol, statins decrease the risk of a heart attack.

Ø Nitro-glycerine: Nitro-glycerine reduces the workload of the heart and improves blood flow in the cardiac muscles.
Prevent Heart Attack

Ø ACE inhibitor: ACE (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) is responsible for increasing blood pressure. The ACE inhibitor medicines lower blood pressure, reduce strain on the heart and prevent heart attack.

Ø Beta-blockers: Beta-blocker medicines are also reducing the workload of the heart and use to relieve chest pain or discomfort. So, the beta-blockers prevent heart attack as well as used to treat arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats).


Treatment and medicines can prevent heart attack, but the effects of medicine and treatment can be increased by a heart-healthy lifestyle. It is important to follow a healthy diet, avoid salts and sugary foods, regular exercise, quitting smoke, avoid alcohol and managing stress to prevent a heart attack as well as other diseases. The cardiac patients who have had a heart attack can benefit from cardiac rehabilitation.

So, follow a cardio-friendly diet and healthy lifestyle and stay connected to the

Stay Healthy, Be wealthy.



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